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The benefits of investing in an energy-efficient spa pool | HotSpring Spas

The benefits of investing in an energy-efficient spa pool

At Hot Spring, we see spa pools not as a purchase, but as an investment: an item that can pay itself back over time by offering you health and wellness benefits, quality time with loved ones and even an increase the value of your property.

We also know that this investment involves ongoing costs: the energy, water, chemicals and general upkeep that ensures your spa pool offers as luxurious an experience for your thousandth soak as it did for your first.

Our aim is to build spa pools so innovative, efficient and reliable that these ongoing costs are minimised. We're not here to trick you into paying a premium price; we're here to deliver a premium product and protect your investment. Here’s how we do it.

Attention to detail makes the difference in spa experience and energy bills

At Hot Spring our goal is to create the most energy-efficient spa pools possible. Our Highlife range sets the benchmark for spa energy efficiency, far exceeding the world’s most stringent spa pool energy standards – those of the California Energy Commission.

We want our customers to enjoy a guilt- and worry-free soak; one that doesn’t involve thoughts of power bills. We aim to create a relaxing and immersive experience that delivers genuine health and wellness benefits and can be enjoyed for years to come – spas that care for your wallet and your well-being.

How do we make such energy efficient spa pools? By investing in research and development. We’ve pioneered a number of innovations that make our spas incredibly efficient, and a smart investment for those who want to save in the long run.

Spa insulation

No factor is as important to the energy efficiency of your spa as insulation. If heat can easily escape your spa, your heater has to work far harder to keep the water warm. This is why we put such a focus on insulation at Hot Spring.

We use only the highest-grade materials for our insulation, including multi-density foam that is expertly sprayed onto the shell and cabinet for maximum energy-efficiency and structural support. Our proprietary combination of foams also minimises expansion and contraction, ensuring your spa components remain in top condition for years to come.


Hot air induction

The machinery within your spa pool generates convective and radiant heat as it works, but in most spa pools this heat is wasted, radiating away into the ambient air. A proprietary technology exclusively found in Hot Spring spa pools, hot air induction essentially recycles this valuable spa pool heat, injecting it back into the tub.

Heat is transferred from the equipment compartment to the jets, which inject the warm water back into the spa pool. Unlike other spas, which deliver a cold blast of water when they’re turned on for the first time in a while, Hot Spring hot air induction jets can deliver warm water from the get-go, all while reducing the amount of energy used by your heater.

Patented no-fault heater

Hot Spring’s patented no-fault heater is an ultra-reliable and energy efficient way to heat your spa pool water. The titanium housing and heater element maximises the transfer of heat from heater to spa pool water and the unmatched corrosion resistance means it lasts longer.

The result: your spa pool water heats faster and is kept at the ideal temperature more efficiently. You can also expect the no-fault heater to continue working in the long-run, reducing the need for costly repairs.

Fully insulated spa cover

Heat rises, so by ensuring your spa pool is always covered when not in use, you can dramatically reduce the amount of work your spa heater needs to do and the amount of electricity it uses while doing it. But not all spa covers are created equal.

At Hot Spring we manufacture our own spa covers to ensure they're fully insulated. The high-end insulation is protected by a strong vinyl marine-grade exterior that avoids waterlogging and ensures your cover lasts. Built specifically for each of our models, the seal is tight to ensure heat can’t escape. These dense foam covers feature child safety locks and have met strict USA ASTM standard for safety.

Hot Spring spas care for your wallet and well-being

At Hot Spring we don’t want our customers to avoid using their spas due to fear over their next power bill. Looking at the features listed above, it could be argued that we over-engineer our spa pools. But the reason we over-build things is to ensure that they are over-used.

Our aim is to engineer out anything that might stand in the way of someone using their spa pool: comfort levels, high energy costs, upkeep and more. We know a spa pool represents both an upfront and ongoing investment of time and money, so we aim to treat that investment better than any other spa pool brand, to ensure it is minimised over the life of the machine and that it generates a real return, whether by improving relationships, delivering health and wellness benefits, or increasing the value of your property.


If you are looking for the most luxurious soaking experience, while also enjoying the lowest running costs in New Zealand (and reducing your environmental impact), look no further than a Hot Spring.

Ready to experience the Hot Spring difference? Our network of dealers stretches up and down the country, so get in touch with your local store today, or book in a test soak.

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