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Energy Calculator | HotSpring Spas

Energy Calculator

The energy your spa uses depends on a variety of factors. These factors can vary between your spa model, frequency of use, your mean ambient temperature (average temperature), as well as your electricity rate. This can also be offset if you have alternative energy sources such as solar power.

In order to help spa owners estimate their spa costs, we have provided the below energy calculator to estimate the energy consumption of your spa. This calculator will help you to estimate an average monthly cost of your Hot Spring spa. 

HotSpring Spas

Estimate your monthly operating costs

The average monthly cost* to operate the {{ selectedModel.title }} HotSpring spa:

In a climate similar to {{ selectedClimate.title }}

At an approximate rate of {{ selectedRate }}/per KWH

${{ totalCost }}


Because we care about protecting our beautiful country and your bank account, Hot Spring Spas have engineered the most energy efficient spa pools possible in the world. Our Energy Smart® system reduces energy consumption to save customers money and New Zealand's natural resources.

We are the only spa brand in New Zealand and Australia who have had their spa running costs independently laboratory tested and published.

More information on the cost of running a spa pool

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