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When Should I Replace My Spa Cover? | HotSpring Spas

When Should I Replace My Spa Cover?

A spa cover is more than a functional accessory that keeps your water free of leaves and other intruders. It’s perhaps the most important spa pool accessory there is, playing a number of key roles:

  • It retains heat when your spa is not in use, helping to significantly reduce energy consumption and keep your power bills low.
  • It prevents excess evaporation, helping you to conserve water.
  • It prevents all debris, from big branches to fine dust, entering your spa pool and clogging your filters.
  • It provides a safety barrier that stops small children and animals from entering your pool and harming themselves. 

Maintaining your spa cover and keeping it in good condition is therefore one of the easiest yet most impactful things you can do to keep your spa pool operating at its peak.



Signs your spa cover is ready for replacement

Spa covers are designed to last. That said, both time and Mother Nature are undefeated – no matter how high the quality of your cover, eventually exposure to sunlight and weather will result in wear.

As such it’s wise to inspect your spa pool cover once a month for warning signs.

Replace your spa pool cover if:

You see breaks, cracks, tears, fading or sagging.

If the condition of your spa cover is deteriorating in any way, from issues with the material to changes in shape, it could result in heat being let out and intruders being let in. Look for holes, cracks and tears, dry and brittle patches, fading, bleaching and any other signs of deterioration.

Your spa pool cover is waterlogged.

High quality spa covers have vapour barriers that prevent moisture from penetrating through to the insulation, but over time, with wear and tear, this barrier may eventually fail. If it does, it creates the perfect environment for bacteria, mould and mildew to grow in, which in turn creates a health hazard for you and your family. What’s more, moisture will accelerate the deterioration of the cover and even the spa it protects. If your spa cover is heavier than usual, or if moisture comes to the surface when you press on it, it may be waterlogged.

Maintenance tips to extend the life of your spa cover

How do you stop your spa cover from prematurely deteriorating? Simply follow the tips below.

Regular spa pool cover cleaning

Periodically cleaning your spa cover ensures that it looks great and does its job well. To clean the cover:

  1. Remove it from the spa.
  2. Lightly spray the outside surface with a garden hose.
  3. Use a very mild soap solution (1 quick squirt of dishwashing liquid to five litres of water) or baking soda and a large sponge to gently scrub the cover.
  4. Work in sections, rinsing each patch off before the soap gets the chance to dry on the vinyl.
  5. Condition the cover with a thin film of Hot Spring Cover Shield™.


Let the spa breathe

When you treat the spa water or drain and clean the spa itself, leave the cover off for about half an hour afterwards. Water purification agents need air to mix properly, while the fumes from shell cleaning chemicals should be given the chance to escape. If you cover the spa immediately after cleaning or water treatment, the vapours trapped inside can accelerate the deterioration of the vinyl.

Avoid placing objects on your spa cover

Your spa pool cover isn’t a table – it wasn’t built to bear weight. Don't put objects or people on the cover, as it can cause stretching and sagging which speeds up premature deterioration. If you live in a snowy area, try to clear the cover of build-up over winter. If ice accumulates on your cover, loosen it with warm water before removing, as trying to pry or chip it off can tear the vinyl.

Be careful when moving your spa cover

Spa covers are large, heavy and awkward to carry, so try to avoid moving it by yourself. Get a friend to help or consider installing one of our spa pool cover lifters. And never drag your spa cover along the ground, even on grass.

The most important thing is to simply be kind to your cover. Its job is to protect your spa, so your job should be to protect it. For more information about how to make the most of your spa pool ownership experience, get in touch with your local Hot Spring dealer today.


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