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About Us

Kiwis are naturally drawn to the water. After all, we are completely surrounded by the ocean on all sides. There is something about the relaxing lull and healing properties of water immersion that we can't seem to get enough of. 

It is why spa pools have become such a backyard staple for many Kiwis over the last 40 years. 

When the realities of life take their toll on our minds and bodies, soothing jets can relieve the physical and mental stress that wears us down. A Hot Spring® spa can become an important part of your everyday wellness routine, allowing bodies to heal and recuperate and helping you feel your best. 

Spa pools are not only a place to soak away the stresses of the day but also a way to connect with nature, family and friends and to spend quality time far away from modern day distractions. 

Kiwis by nature have a desire for high quality product which is why Hot Spring® spas are relenting in delivering those quality spa pool products to New Zealand and beyond.

Hot Spring Spas New Zealand Story

All great business stories start from a garage and Dale Paretovich, founder of Hot Spring Spas New Zealand, is no exception. 

The year was 1980 and Dale was in pursuit of the latest technology in spa innovation. When Dale couldn't find what he needed, he decided to create his own spa pools from his Hillcrest home. An engineer by trade, Dale manufactured the first portable and fully insulated spa in Australia and New Zealand. 

Since Hot Spring Spas NZ humble beginnings, the company has undertaken a joint partnership with Watkins Wellness™ the world's largest manufacturer of spa pools to continue to deliver quality premium products to Australasia and Asia. Directly importing spa pools and componentry from Watkins Wellness California, Mexico and Pennsylvania facilities. 

The New Zealand head office and distribution centre now reside in a purpose built warehouse in Albany, Auckland, employing over 35 team members and exporting to dealers throughout Asia and Australia. We are the largest seller of premium spa pools in the world, bigger than the UK and France. 

One thing has never changed over the decades. We still continually strive to offer The Absolute Best Spa Pool Ownership Experience™ by delivering quality spa pools with exceptional customer service. 

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Why Hot Spring Spas?

Did you know what we have been in the spa pool industry for 40 years? Our spa pools are designed to last that long too. We follow rigorous standards. In fact, our Auckland warehouse holds an international certification ISO 9001 quality control to deliver premium quality spa pool products and componentry. 

Because we care about protecting our beautiful country and your bank account, we have developed the most energy efficient spa pools possible. Our Energy Smart® system reduces energy consumption to save you money and to create less of a drain on New Zealand's natural resources. 

You can have peace of mind that your Hot Spring® spa will be hot and ready for you, without the need for costly energy bills. 

You will never need to worry about any installation issues with free delivery on most of our spa pool models and onsite management from start to finish so you can enjoy the best seats in your home. 

A Community Player

As the largest spa pool manufacturer in the industry globally our relentless pursuit for making the absolute best spa pools in the world was just one way we got there. We are also committed to making a difference in our local communities within Aotearoa. 

That is why we have a comprehensive sponsorship and partnership programmes, which showcases Hot Spring Spas New Zealand across a variety of community opportunities, events and fundraising.