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Hot Spring Jets | HotSpring Spas

Hot Spring Jets

Your Personal Massage Every Time

As the spa leader with more than 40 years of hydrotherapy expertise and innovation, we've perfected the warm water massage like no other. Comfortable seats and specialised jet systems work together to create a distinctive experience that is precise and personalised. We invite you to experience it for yourself.

Book your ultimate relaxation experience in your local Hot Spring showroom and see why searching for the best hydrotherapy massage, there is only one. 

Back Massage Like No Other

There's nothing else like our patented Motor-Massage® DX moving jet. It delivers two powerful streams of water that sweep up and down the length of your back, to deliver a therapeutic massage like no other. 

Four Precision® jets positioned above every Moto-Massage DX jet massage your neck and shoulders. These jets work in harmony for an unparalleled hydrotherapy spa experience

Available on Hot Spring Highlife and Hot Spot Collections.


Targeted Jets 

Each spa pool uses a variety of water jets, each with it's own purpose to focus on specific targeted muscle groups on the body such as neck to your shoulders, back, calves, wrists and feet.

Personlised Control

Our Comfort Control® system lets you select your ideal mix of air and water for a powerful massage or just a soft touch. Use the SmartJet® system to customise water flow to different jet groups and seats throughout the spa. 


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