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The Latest in Spa Technology | HotSpring Spas

The Latest in Spa Technology

Spa technology has come a long way over the years, and the innovation is only hastening. Over the last few decades, we’ve witnessed the development of moving hydromassage jets, automated water care, and spas that place an endless swim in a few square metres of space.

How have spa pools evolved over the years? And what new spa technology might you find in a modern machine? Read on to find out.

Hot Spring: innovation is in our blood

The concept of a spa pool is basic: a continuously warmed pool of water, sanitised so it can be used again and again. And when Hot Spring was established over four decades ago, the spa pools on the market were as plain and simple as that description suggests.

They had only the most rudimentary of features. They were inefficient in terms of water, chemicals and power, which made them expensive to run. They were usually designed as bespoke, permanent features that took weeks or months to build.

Then, in 1980, in his Hillcrest garage, Hot Spring founder Dale Paretovich decided to reimagine the backyard spa. The result was a high quality, portable, fully insulated yet affordable spa pool. Hot Spring would soon gain a reputation as New Zealand’s most popular, most trusted and most innovative spa brand.

All these decades later, our focus on quality and innovation remains. And now partnering with Watkins Wellness, the world’s largest spa pool manufacturer, we’ve got greater power to innovate than ever before.



The latest and greatest in spa technology

Spa pools have come a long way since 1980. Today the most technologically advanced spas are filled to the brim with features that make maintenance easier, elevate your soak, and ensure your spa pool delivers the same luxurious experience for years, even decades to come.

Let’s take a look at just a few of the innovative technologies today’s spa pool owners can enjoy.

Water quality

At Hot Spring we are on a never-ending quest to minimise the maintenance and maximise the luxury of spa pool ownership, a goal encapsulated by our array of innovative water care technologies:

  • The bromine-based FROG™ system, found in our value-packed Hot Spot collection, makes water care as simple as changing a cartridge.
  • The FreshWater Ozone System uses corona discharge technology to pull naturally sanitising ozone gas (O3) from the ambient air. The odourless ozone bubbles up from the base of the spa, sanitising the water as it goes. This system dramatically reduces chemical use, in the most natural of ways.
  • The FreshWater Salt System uses clever chemistry to convert salt to chlorine. In the process it minimises chemical use, reduces chlorine-related odours and irritations, and helps your water last four times longer than other systems (up to a full year!)
  • The CoolZone System is capable of actively bringing the temperature of your spa water down to 15C. In the process it turns your spa into a refreshing plunge pool, and opens up the opportunity for year-round soaks to owners who live in warmer climates!
  • Say goodbye to test strips, as our latest breakthrough, FreshWater® IQ, places a laboratory inside your spa pool. The system checks your water every hour to ensure it remains perfectly balanced, and if improvements can ever be made, it tells you exactly what to do – often you’ll just need to press a button!

Filtration systems

Spa pool filter systems have the key task of dealing with debris and other invaders. At Hot Spring we offer a unique and innovative array of filtration technologies, including:

  • 100% no-bypass filtration: This one-of-a-kind system filters 100% of your water 100% of the time, even when the jets are running. It’s silent, super-efficient, and found only in the Hot Spring Highlife collection.
  • Tri-X filters: These ceramic, dishwasher-safe filters work better, last far longer, and require far less cleaning than the filters you’ll find in all other spa pools.
  • SilentFlo 5000: This circulation system ensures water is always moving through the filters, and does so while using less power than a 40W light bulb!

Energy efficiency

At Hot Spring we are proud to offer New Zealand’s most energy efficient spa pools. Efficiency is built into every aspect of every design:

  • Market leading insulation, including multi-density foam and FiberCor®, ensures your spa retains more heat.
  • Heat rises, but with the help of our fully insulated spa pool covers, we don’t let that warmth escape.
  • Our Energy Smart™ system is a combination of energy-efficient features that lower operating costs and create the best value over time.


Relieve and relax your muscles and joints. Enjoy much needed respite from aches and pains. Reduce stress and anxiety, and enjoy complete, full-body relaxation. Jets are arguably a spa pool’s defining feature, and at Hot Spring we’re committed to offering the world’s best hydromassage, through innovations like:

  • Moto-Massage DX: The latest iteration of the world’s first and only moving massage jet, Moto-Massage DX places two powerful streams either side of your spine, then sends them up and down your back to sweep away stress and tension.
  • Purpose-built jets: The Moto-Massage DX is just one of many examples of the precision engineering and placement of every Hot Spring jet. We’ve developed eight specialised jets, each of which targets a different area of the body in a different way.
  • Adjustable pressure: Massage is a very personal thing – some people prefer deep and hard, others like it soft and light. Hot Spring’s fully adjustable jets allow you to pick your pressure and sink into your ideal hydromassage, whatever that might be.


Whether your idea of a perfect spa session is a tranquil solo soak or a weekend party, the Hot Spring range of entertainment accessories and technologies allows you to set the exact mood you’re after, and add a bit of fun to your backyard spa experience.

  • Speaker systems: With high quality, Bluetooth-enabled wireless speakers, the soundtrack to your soak can be whatever you want it to be!
  • Lighting systems: Bring a bit of sparkle to your spa session with our interior and exterior lighting systems, which place a galaxy of multi-coloured LEDs under your control.
  • Water features: From ribbon waterfalls to backlit fountains that dance with colour and movement, at Hot Spring we have developed an array of eye-catching water features that add to the sensory experience of your spa. 


Build quality

At Hot Spring we’ve built a reputation for crafting spa pools that last. Our commitment to quality and longevity can be seen in an array of innovations, including: 

  • A 20-year spare parts guarantee: We’re so confident in the durability of our spa pools that we guarantee the supply of genuine spare parts for 20 years! And even after that, we’ll ensure that we always have an equivalent spare part for your machine, no matter its age. 
  • Roto-moulding technology: While our Freeflow collection might be our most budget-friendly range of spa pools, the roto-moulding technology used to create them is truly innovative – a mould is filled with durable plastic, then spun to create a super-strong unibody design.
  • Thicker, tougher shells: Our spas are made from the finest materials, and feature shells that are four times thicker than the industry standard.


A history of Hot Spring spa technology innovations

1980: New Zealand’s first portable, fully insulated spa pool

When Hot Spring founder Dale Paretovich couldn’t find the spa pool he wanted, he decided to create his own. The result: a machine that met his exacting standards, and that ended up having mass appeal.

1984: The world’s first moving hydromassage jet

We pioneered moving hydromassage jet technology over four decades ago, and we continue to be the only spa brand to offer it today. Our latest iteration, the Moto-Massage DX, sends two powerful streams up and down your back to offer unmatched relief and relaxation.

1986: New Zealand’s first plug-in portable spa

We created Australasia’s first plug-in portable spa, which has evolved into the Plug-N-Play technology now seen in our Freeflow collection. Plug-in spa pools are still a rarity today – most machines need to be installed by an electrician.

2000: Hot Spring Cabinet Re-Design

We eliminated wood for the cabinet siding. This was replaced with man made plastic siding. Meaning no more cracks, staining or rotting and no more trees cut down. 

2011: We offer cold water immersion with the CoolZone System

We introduce the CoolZone System, which uses heat transfer technology to bring the temperature of a spa down to as low as 15C, opening up the opportunity for cold water immersion therapies, and the chance to enjoy a spa in warmer weather and climates.

2018: Hot Spring dives into swim spas

We introduced the Endless Pools swim spas into the New Zealand market – compact machines that offer an endless, swim-in-place experience closer to open water than a swimming pool. We are now the world’s largest reseller of Endless Pools swim spas.

2019: The FreshWater Salt System

While the technology to convert salt to chlorine had been around since the 70s, by 2019 we had perfected it for spa pools. The FreshWater Salt System features titanium cartridges, and sanitises your spa pool water while using far less chemicals and making your water last longer.

2024: Putting the IQ in liquid

Our latest innovation is a revolution in spa pool water care. FreshWater® IQ is the world’s most advanced spa monitoring technology – it automatically and precisely tests the water every hour, then provides clear recommendations, via a digital display, whenever adjustments are needed. Say goodbye to test strips and chemicals, and spend your time enjoying the luxurious water instead.



Our innovations have only just begun

At Hot Spring we find comfort in discomfort—we always want to be better, to do more, to create the next thing and the best thing. This drive has delivered our customers the enviable array of features listed above.

But we’re just getting started. Our evolution won’t just continue into the future—as we’ve shown with FreshWater® IQ, it will only accelerate. Find out more about our FreshWater® IQ innovation and see how we're setting new benchmarks in the industry. Explore how this groundbreaking technology can enhance your experience by visiting the FreshWater® IQ page.   

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