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Quality details bring this spa to life

The Rhythm™ 7 Person Spa Pool


7 Adults


213 x 213 x 92 cm

The Rhythm™ 7 Person Spa Pool | HotSpring Spas


1,250 litres



There's room for everyone in the Rhythm, with seating for 7 and 40 powerful jets located in targeted groups in various seats. Fully insulated with a FiberCor®, this spa is energy-efficient and always ready for you and your loved ones to enjoy. 


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Circulation (Optional)


Asset 18


Sanitising System

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New Zealand’s most  established spa brand | HotSpring Spas
New Zealand’s most established spa brand
Only brand backed by independent laboratory testing | HotSpring Spas
Only brand backed by independent laboratory testing
Peace of mind guaranteed | HotSpring Spas
Peace of mind guaranteed

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Cabinet Cabinet / Shell Combo

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The Lowest Running Costs, Independently Tested and Proven

The cost of running a spa pool can be significant unless you choose Hot Spring. We offer New Zealand’s most energy-efficient spa pools, with running costs as little as $1 a day. This is a luxurious soak that won’t cost the earth.

How can such luxury come so cheap? Our insulation is carefully designed for maximum heat retention. Our covers are fully insulated and precisely engineered to form a perfect seal around the lip of your spa.

Then there’s our suite of technological innovations, from heat induction jets that recycle the warmth generated by the internal machinery to our SilentFlo 5000 circulation system that keeps your water moving while using the same amount of power as a 40-watt light bulb.

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Introducing FreshWater IQ®

Your spa pool should take care of you, not the other way round. FreshWater® IQ does exactly that. This revolutionary, fully automated water care system is the culmination of 10 years of research and development. It checks your water every hour and tells you exactly how to keep it pristine, replacing manual testing and guesswork with precise water care science.

FreshWater® IQ works in partnership with the FreshWater Salt System to reduce water and chemical use and save you money. It also saves you time by cutting spa pool maintenance by up to 90% – hours you can now spend enjoying the world’s most luxurious spa pool water. All Hot Spot collection spas are compatible with both the FreshWater IQ® and FreshWater Salt Systems.

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Rhythm Jet System

Dive into pure bliss at Hot Spring Rhythm. Immerse yourself in rejuvenating waters, surrounded by serene landscapes for a perfect relaxation retreat.

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Rhythm | HotSpring Spas
Directional Precision Jets | HotSpring Spas
Directional Precision Jet

Soothe your entire back with these jets that deliver targeted therapeutic massage.

Rotary Hydromassage Jets | HotSpring Spas
Rotary Hydromassage Jets

Ease any muscle tensions on your mid to lower back with a pulsating massage from these dual port rotary jets.

Directional Hydromassage Jets | HotSpring Spas
Directional Hydromassage Jets

Customise your massage, these unique jets rotate to give you soothing comfort exactly where you need it.

The Rhythm™ 7 Person Spa Pool | HotSpring Spas

Seating Capacity

7 adults


213 x 213 x 92 cm

Water Capacity

1,250 litres


383 kg Dry

2,185 kg Filled*

Lighting System

10 multi-colour LED points of light, dimmable

Entertainment Systems


Wireless Sound System (optional)

Jet Count


Hot Tub Jets

3 XL Directional Hydromassage jets
2 XL Rotary Hydromassage jets
3 Directional Hydromassage jets
2 Rotary Hydromassage jets
30 Directional Precision™ jets

Control System

IQ 2020™ with LCD control panel
240v/15amp, 50Hz


No-Fault™, 2000w/240V

Jet Pump 1

Wavemaster™ 8200; Two-speed,
2.0 HP Continuous Duty, 4.0 HP
Breakdown Torque

Jet Pump 2

Wavemaster™ 8000; One-speed,
2.0 HP Continuous Duty, 4.0 HP
Breakdown Torque

The Rhythm™ 7 Person Spa Pool | HotSpring Spas

Water Care System

FROG® In-Line Cartridge Ready*

Water Care Options

FreshWater® III Corona Discharge(optional)

Effective Filtration Area

6m2, top loading filters

Polyester Cover Colours

Black, Grey or Chestnut

Cover Lifters (Optional)

CoverCradle™, CoverCradle II, or

Includes water and 7 adults each weighing 80 kg (175 lbs.) each

Harmony awaits with Rhythm. Immerse in premium spa luxury, embrace relaxation, and elevate your well-being. | HotSpring Spas

Harmony awaits with Rhythm. Immerse in premium spa luxury, embrace relaxation, and elevate your well-being.


Entertainment Systems | HotSpring Spas

Entertainment Systems

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FreshWater® Ozone System | HotSpring Spas

FreshWater® Ozone System

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Side Enhancements

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Hot Spring Spa Steps | HotSpring Spas

Hot Spring Spa Steps

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Spa Pool Cover Lifters

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Replacement Covers | HotSpring Spas

Replacement Covers

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