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How long do spa pool pumps last? | HotSpring Spas

How long do spa pool pumps last?

Spa pool pumps are one of the primary components of your spa pool. Spa pool pumps are responsible for powering the jets and circulating the water, like an engine. 

The spa pump consists of two parts: the wet end and the dry end. 

The wet end contains a key moving part, the impeller, and a motor to turn the impeller. This helps push water through your spa circulation system which is important for maintaining clean filtration along with the overall quality of your spa water. The dry end houses the motor in a sealed environment which protects it from moisture. 

Generally, spa pool pumps can last from 5 to 10 years if spa water is maintained correctly. The pumps in our Highlife® Collection can last up to 20 years.

How do spa pool pumps work?

Generally, most spa pool pumps are dual-speed pumps, operating at both fast and slow speeds as needed. They should also run quietly. A spa pool pump function is to mix chemicals in the spa pool and at the same time, pump water through the heater and any jets present.

Unlike other off the shelf pumps found in other spa brands, Hot Spring jet pumps are built to higher specifications. This improves the performance at the jets and extends the life of the pump.

The equipment compartment in a Hot Spring spa is fully insulated so the pump operates at around 40-45 degrees, always. This is to prevent condensation and moisture from forming when outside temperature drops which causes rust and corrosion to important spa components and electronics.

In addition the pump captures the heat from the equipment compartment and puts it back into the spa water while jets are in operation to retain heat in your spa water for much longer.

How to make spa pool pumps last longer?

There are a few things you can do to make pool and spa products such as pumps last longer. Firstly, making sure that your water is balanced is essential. A high pH level can lead to more scale buildup in the water that ultimately clogs speed pumps, making them less effective.

Too low pH or acidic water will lead to corrosion or damage to most pumps and the spa pool itself. By maintaining water balance, you will ensure that your spa pump can work at optimal capacity without being damaged and protect the other components of your spa pool.

Cleaning spa pool filters is another way to make the pool pump motors last longer. Debris and dirt are a factor in pool pumps being blocked, so keeping the area clear of any potential obstructions is important. By cleaning the filters at least once a week, you can also ensure the longevity of your pipes. There are many other benefits of cleaning your filter that we have explored in a previous article here.

A spa pool pump is an integral part of the overall structure of the pool and its operation. Without regular maintenance and monitoring, the pumps may not last as long and become more ineffective over time.

To learn more about how long hot tubs pump last and how to make your spa pool pumps last as long as possible, please contact us today or visit a local dealer.


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