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Energy Calculator

The energy your spa uses depends on a variety of factors. These factors can vary between your spa model, frequency of use, your mean ambient temperature (average temperature), as well as your electricity rate. This can also be offset if you have alternative energy sources such as solar power.

In order to help spa owners estimate their spa costs, we have provided the below energy calculator to estimate the energy consumption of your spa. This calculator will help you to estimate an average monthly cost of your Hot Spring spa. 

HotSpring Spas

Estimate your monthly operating costs

The average monthly cost* to operate the {{ selectedModel.title }} HotSpring spa:

In a climate similar to {{ selectedClimate.title }}

At an approximate rate of {{ selectedRate }}/per KWH

${{ totalCost }}


Because we care about protecting our beautiful country and your bank account, Hot Spring Spas have engineered the most energy efficient spa pools possible in the world. Our Energy Smart® system reduces energy consumption to save customers money and New Zealand's natural resources.

We are the only spa brand in New Zealand and Australia who have had their spa running costs independently laboratory tested and published.

Totally Insulated | HotSpring Spas
Totally Insulated

Our Limelight® Collection and Hot Spot® spa pools feature FiberCor™ insulation, which fully insulates the spa cabinet to a density 4X greater than a typical 8 kg/m³ foam.

We Have Got You Covered | HotSpring Spas
We Have Got You Covered

Our dense foam covers are designed to ensure a custom fit and tight seal that prevent heat from escaping. A special hinge seal locks in heat at the centre of the spa cover.

Silent Flo™ | HotSpring Spas
Silent Flo™

Our Highlife® and Limelight® Collection spa pools feature the Silent Flo™ 5000 circulation pump, which continuously circulates spa water quietly, using less energy than a 40-watt light bulb.

Save Money, Save Energy | HotSpring Spas
Save Money, Save Energy

Hot Spring® Spas leads the industry in design, engineering, and manufacturing of energy-efficient spa pools. With Hot Spring® spas Energy Smart™ system, each spa is built with a combination of energy-efficient features that simultaneously provide you with lower operating costs and the best value over time.

Monthly Energy Cost = Kilowatt Hours x Rate per Kilowatt Hour

Temp = Approximate Annual Mean Ambient Temperature in Degrees Celcius

kWh = Approximate Average Kilowatt Hours per Month to Operate Spa*

Rate = Approximate Average Rate Charged per Kilowatt Hour in Pounds**

Cost = Approximate Average Monthly Energy Cost to Operate Spa*

* Based on a spa set at 39°C used 6 times per week, 15 minutes with the jets on, 15 minutes with the jets off during each use. Testing conducted by an independent third party certified laboratory in a Controlled Environmental Chamber at multiple ambient temperatures using continuous Data Acquisition monitoring of watts, temperature and humidity, with all equipment rigorously calibrated to ensure data accuracy. Testing conducted on representative large, medium and small spa models, with energy values for other models extrapolated from original data. Individual energy consumption will vary depending on water set temperature, actual consumer usage patterns, and actual environmental ambient conditions.

** Based on the rates as quoted by various local electric providers June 2014. Rates are subject to change - check with your local electricity provider for the current rate in your area.