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What is the best temperature for a spa pool? | HotSpring Spas

What is the best temperature for a spa pool?

The warmth of a spa pool’s water is what makes these machines so attractive, not least for the mental and physical health benefits that this warm water immersion offers. But at what temperature do you experience the greatest degree of benefit?

The best temperature for a spa pool is generally regarded as the same as your body temperature – 36-38°C. The maximum safe temperature for an extended soak in a spa pool, and thus the maximum temperature that most spa pools can be set to, is 40°C.

But the best temperature for you will depend on a wealth of factors: the temperature that you find most comfortable, the healing effects that you hope to achieve through a soak, and the temperature of the day - after all, who wants to have a 40°C soak when it's already already 30°C outside?

Let’s take a deep dive into the considerations you should make when setting your spa pool temperature, and the ways in which warm water acts on your body.

What temperature should a spa pool be set at?

Humans have been enjoying the health benefits of warm water immersion – called ‘balneotherapy’ in the academic world – for millennia, from the Romans and their baths, to the Māori soaking in the thermal pools of Rotorua. More recently the healing powers of water have begun to be better understood by science.

When you step into a spa pool heated to 36-38°C, it’s almost as if you’re returning to the warmth and safety of the womb. This strange sensation triggers an instant physiological response, which in many ways we don’t yet fully understand. Your heart pumps greater volumes of blood while your blood vessels simultaneously expand.

The result: Greater blood flow means more oxygen and nutrients are delivered to soft tissues and vital organs, which in turn grants relief for a variety of mental and physical afflictions. Immersing in 36-38°C water may:


Can I use my spa pool in summer?

All this talk of heat might make you wonder: are spa pools suitable for summer use? If it’s a hot day outside, a soak in a hot tub might be the last thing your body needs.

Nevertheless, you can certainly use your spa pool in summer, you should just ensure that the water is an appropriate temperature. You can either set the temperature down as low as 26°C – the minimum heated temperature on most Hot Spring models – or you can turn the heater off entirely and enjoy a refreshing spa in relatively cool water. There’s far more to a Hot Spring spa pool than its heating system.

Summer is a time for outdoor activity, and the soothing action of Hot Spring’s patented hydrotherapy jets is just the ticket for active summer muscles, whether to warm them up at the start of the day or cool them down at the end. These jets have been fashioned to offer therapeutic massage to specific muscle groups, and can be customised to your desired pressure. Speaking of pressure, Hot Spring jets deliver five times more than any other brand on the market, with the last jet every bit as powerful as the first.

Provided you’re enjoying this customisable hydromassage at a comfortable temperature, it hardly matters whether the heater is on or not!

What temperature should a hot tub be set to in winter?

On the other side of the equation, what is the ideal winter temperature for a spa pool? The same guidelines as above still apply: first and foremost you want to set the spa to whatever temperature you find most comfortable, although that temperature should never exceed 40°C. If you’re hoping to gain the greatest degree of health and wellness benefits, from de-stressing to managing chronic pain, a temperature range of 36-38°C is considered the sweet spot.

By choosing a Hot Spring, you’ll enjoy a spa pool that is warm and ready whenever you are, be it in the heat of summer or the depths of winter. Hot Spring’s Energy Smart System means your spa pool heats itself quickly and efficiently to your desired temperature, which is set via a range of built-in digital displays. That heat is also retained thanks to market-leading insulation, significantly reducing power bills.

If you’re looking for a spa pool that can customise its experience to your specifications, look no further than a Hot Spring. Speak with our friendly team today to find out more!

Disclaimer: Hot Spring Spas are not medical professionals, and the information above is not intended as a substitute for qualified and personalised medical advice. If you are experiencing health issues in any form, speak to a doctor to obtain a diagnosis and to decide on the most appropriate and effective treatment for your situation.

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