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Why are Hot Spring spa covers so different? | HotSpring Spas

Why are Hot Spring spa covers so different?

Spa covers aren’t something that spa owners tend to spend much time thinking about. This might be because it can be tempting to assume that all spa covers are made the same: a simple piece of material or plastic that stops leaves and debris from falling in. But that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Hot Spring spa pool covers are different. They protect your spa pool from outside elements from contaminating your spa pool. A well insulated spa pool cover keeps the warmth in, significantly reducing your power bill. They’re made from high quality materials in clever designs, with features like locks, hinges and lifters.

Spa covers play a vital role in both the longevity of your spa pool and its ongoing ownership costs. An energy efficient spa cover can reduce power use so much that some owners never turn their spa pools off.

But when comparing Kiwi spa cover options, it’s important to consider your unique situation, like your local climate and how you plan to use your spa. These factors will help you to decide the level of investment you should make in a spa cover and which specific model will work best.


Why is a spa cover so important?

Spa covers are so much more than a simple lid for your spa pool. They need to be robust enough to deal with whatever Mother Nature throws at them, while creating a seal capable of preventing outside elements from contaminating your spa pool water. 

The best covers also feature quality insulation to prevent heat from escaping – a consideration that can make a dramatic difference to the power usage (and therefore the ongoing running costs) of your spa.

Unfortunately the New Zealand market is currently saturated with cheap spa cover alternatives, making it difficult for a consumer to find the best.

Cheap spa covers generally feature a foam core wrapped in a coating made from low-quality marine polyvinyl chloride (PVC). This type of PVC breaks down quickly when exposed to UV, chlorine and heat. Over time this exposes the foam core to heat and humidity, quickly degrading it by first making it waterlogged, and eventually breaking it down from the inside. 

Waterlogged spa covers are also extremely heavy to lift. The weight places extra strain on stitching and structure, which causes stress and tearing. This will further reduce the life of the spa cover and its insulation.

As a result of the spa cover being compromised, your power bills rise and your spa pool is exposed to the elements, which can ultimately shorten its life. As a final nail in the coffin, the damage to the cover and the spa is irreversible and is not covered under warranty.

Hot Spring® spa pool covers last up to 3x longer!

Sure, you could choose a cheap spa cover option. But given the risks and the extra costs you face, these will ultimately end up costing you far more in the long run. Your other option is to make an investment in a high quality spa pool cover: one that will properly protect your spa pool, that will lower your power bills, and that might offer a wealth of other handy features too. 

No waterlogging, guaranteed!

The exterior of a Hot Spring® spa cover is made from vinyl designed to withstand high temperatures and high moisture levels for long periods. The cores are also encased within a non-permeable water barrier, doubling the protection of the all important insulation. We’re so confident in our double-barrier system that we’re the only spa retailer that guarantees no waterlogging in their warranty!

Independently lab tested

At Hot Spring® we believe safety is of the utmost importance, which is why we independently test all our spa pool covers to ensure they’re fit for purpose and comply with the highest water safety standards. Unlike all our competitors, Hot Spring® products are certified by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME).

Move your spa cover easily with a cover lifter

Another way to increase the life of your spa cover, and the spa pool it protects, is to invest in a cover lifter. With these clever pieces of engineering, taking off your cover before a soak and putting it back on afterwards couldn’t be simpler. This not only ensures that your spa pool is covered whenever it’s not in use, it also makes you more likely to use your spa, as you can easily take the cover off, even if you’re home alone!

Hot Spring® cover lifters come in a range of styles, each designed for a slightly different purpose:

Lift ‘n Glide™

Enjoying a soak is as easy as one, two, three with the Lift ‘n Glide system! Lift the spa cover a few centimetres to engage the glide mechanism, push the cover back, then fold it over and off the spa. You gain access to your spa in seconds and with minimal effort!


Perfect for tight spaces like decks and outdoor gazebos, the UpRite cover lifter folds the cover in half, then places it upright on one side of the spa, which also gives your soak an extra level of privacy!

CoverCradle™ II

The revolutionary design of the CoverCradle II uses dual gas pneumatic springs that let you open even the largest and heaviest of spa pool covers super quickly and easily. This cover removal system features an ultra-smooth gliding action, fits snugly on your spa, and takes up very little room.

Check out this video to see how to operate each of the three cover lifter systems above.

Foldaway Lifter

The Hot Spring Foldaway Lifter is added to your existing spa cover. It’s made from ultra-lightweight carbon fibre and offers seamless cover lifting motion – no more struggling with a heavy cover every time you want a relaxing soak!


Covana Horizon

For those wanting nothing less than the ultimate in cover lifter technology, look no further than the Covana Horizon. This spa pool cover lifter uses innovative technology to fully automate the lifting process, while turning your cover into a protective gazebo. It allows you to tilt the cover above your spa, angling it to protect yourself from sun, wind, rain, hail or snow.

The Covana Horizon’s avant-garde and beautifully sculpted design will give your outdoor area a distinctive and luxurious look. The Covana Horizon features the highest quality and most advanced materials, designed to withstand the harshest of climates. This cover lifter is the first of its kind on the New Zealand market, and is exclusive to Hot Spring®.

Spa covers are more important than you might think, with the potential to save you time, effort and money. If you’re wondering which cover would be the best choice for you, our friendly team is ready to help you work that out. Get in touch today, or head to your local dealer.


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