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Hot Spring® Spas New Zealand – The 40-year difference | HotSpring Spas

Hot Spring® Spas New Zealand – The 40-year difference


Kiwis have always enjoyed the relaxing, healing experience of New Zealand’s natural thermal pools. Dale Paretovich, founder of Hot Spring Spas New Zealand says it is why portable spas have grown to become such a desirable backyard staple for Kiwis today.

An engineer by trade, Dale manufactured the first portable and fully insulated spa in Australia and New Zealand from his Hillcrest home garage in 1980. Since then, Dale has become a widely respected veteran within the spa industry and over this time has witnessed many spa brands come and go.

He says the one thing that has remained the same is our obsession with quality, delivering real value and The Absolute Best Spa Pool Ownership Experience®.  


Industry Leaders In Quality and Design

Hot Spring Spas have been manufactured in New Zealand for 30 years in joint partnership with Watkins Wellness™ the world's largest manufacturer of spa pools. Hot spring supplies quality premium products to Australasia.

Manufacturing in New Zealand meant that Dale could oversee the quality of every spa – the company had a low warranty rate that was similar to a high-quality European car. However, a shortage of skilled labour within New Zealand meant Dale had to make the tough decision to move the manufacturing to the USA.

Today, Hot Spring Spas New Zealand is the largest importer of Hot Spring Spas, Endless Pool Fitness Systems and componentry in the world.

We are the only spa company in New Zealand to hold AS/NZ ISO9001 rating both in our USA supply factories and our Auckland, New Zealand distribution centre. We offer spa products and services with the strictest quality control measurements, to ensure customer satisfaction, always.

We also offer additional peace of mind to customers as our joint partner’s parent company is publicly listed. This means that under US law, Hot Spring must keep spare parts for 20 years and alternative parts for every spa they’ve ever manufactured. Aswell, we have highly trained technicians for spa service.

Our relentless commitment to manufacture the absolute best spa ensures many years of enjoyment well after the spa purchase. Many Kiwis return 15 to 20 years later to trade in their old working Hot Spring Spa for the latest model. Hot Spring Spas stand the test of time. But don't just take our word for it. Dallas has been soaking off aches and pains for last 20 years.


The lowest running costs in the world - independently tested and proven 

Because we care about protecting our beautiful country and your bank account, Hot Spring Spas have engineered the most energy efficient spa pools possible in the world. Our Energy Smart® system reduces energy consumption to save customers money and care for New Zealand's natural resources. 

We are the only spa brand in New Zealand and Australia who have had their spa running costs independently laboratory tested and published.  Want to know why Hot Spring Spas are the lowest spa to run in the world? Download our Free Energy Saver Guide Checklist


Keep your home and family safe

Your health and safety are paramount to us and it is for this reason that all Hot Spring Spas have certified plumbing suction outlets. This prevents children’s fingers, long hair or clothing from becoming trapped in the intake outlets. The outlets work by releasing suction when a blockage is detected.

All Hot Spring Spas are independently laboratory tested to AS/NZ Standard 60335 certification and are approved by the most stringent electrical authority in Australia.

This means that most Hot Spring customers don’t have the additional cost of paying for an electrician to wire in their spa pool. As well their spa is safe with an ELCB breaker - a safety device used in electrical installations to detect high earth impedance to prevent shock or electrocution.

If you’re in the market for a spa pool, Hot Spring Spas provides the absolute best ownership experience with proven lowest running costs. Hot Spring Spas is a company that has been engineering and designing spa pools for 40 years, so when searching for the best, there is only one place. People may now refer to our product as a hot tub or jacuzzis but one aspect that hasn't changed over the last 40 years is the quality and reliability.

Want to learn more about The Absolute Best Spa Pool Ownership Experience? See what our Hot Spring customers are saying...

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