HotSpring Water Systems

Spend more time relaxing with peace of mind knowing that your spa water is fresh, tidy and prepared for you to enjoy. HotSpring offers three simple-to-use water care systems to choose from, along with a whole line of water that is customised care products and all your possession needs to satisfy.


ACE® Salt Water Sanitising System

Spend less time maintaining your spa pool, and appreciate better quality water. Available only on Highlife® and Limelight® Collection spas, the exclusive ACE Salt Water System runs on the patented diamond electrode to automatically generate chlorine and other cleansing agents.The ACE system keeps your spa water sparkling and silky soft, reducing the dry skin and irritated eyes associated with conventional water care.


EverFresh Water Care System

Enjoying fresh hot spa water should be an everyday experience. The EverFresh Water Care System makes it easy to keep your spa water clean, and reduces the need for chlorine.

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