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Water Rower

Increase opportunities for aqua fitness at home

Rowing has long been recognised as an exceptionally good cardiovascular exercise that keeps the heart rate elevated and strengthens core muscles. Now there’s a way to enjoy all of these benefits while minimising joint impact and reducing muscle soreness.

Aqua fitness has a wealth of proven benefits, and in Hot Spring’s revolutionary Water Rower you can gain access to a new, unique and incredibly effective mode of water-based exercise. Whether you’re looking to treat aches and pains, rehabilitate from injury or increase your fitness levels, there aren’t many better ways than a Hot Spring Water Rower.

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Water Rower

All the workout, none of the impact. The Hot Spring Water Rower is an optional extra designed for our range of Endless Pools swim spas. Hot Spring’s Water Rower greatly expands your swim spa experience, increasing opportunities for weight loss, rehabilitation, pain management and cross-training.

For those with arthritis, back problems or any other type of chronic pain, gently rowing in water can make a huge difference to both your physical and mental wellbeing. For those looking to increase their levels of fitness, the reduced wear and tear on muscles and joints means that cardiovascular exercise has never been more fun or effective.

How does a water rower work?

The set up and use of the Hot Springs Water Rower couldn’t be easier, but the workout it delivers can be as challenging as you’d like. Two ‘paddles’ or row bars attach to the side of your swim spa near the rear seating. These are then connected to resistance bands which are anchored to the handrails in the middle.

Once the simple set up process is complete you can enjoy a full body workout, using the resistance of both the water and the bands to strengthen and tone your arms, legs and core, while also improving your fitness. Workout complete, simply detach the bars and bands from their anchors to enjoy a more traditional swim or soak.

How to use a water rower

The Hot Spring Water Rower has been designed for all ages, body types and levels of mobility. With users ranging from the elderly to athletes, there’s no wrong way to enjoy an in-spa row! How you use your Water Rower will depend on what you hope to get out of it.

Those with limited mobility may take things gently and enjoy the feeling of unencumbered movement. Athletes may use the rower for workouts which are  long and intense, as the low impact and high-level cardio combination offered by the Water Rower allows them to push their fitness to the limit.

Benefits of a water rower

The Hot Spring Water Rower brings a wealth of benefits, centred around making fitness accessible, enhancing rehabilitation and offering unique cross-training opportunities:

Promotes a greater range of motion: Unencumbered by gravity, people with chronic pain can use the Water Rower to greatly extend their flexibility and range of motion.

Improves stamina: Lower impacts on the body means that exercise can be longer and more intense, seriously improving fitness levels.

Heals and strengthens soft tissues: Low impact exercise grants muscles and tendons the opportunity to heal and strengthen.

Reduces blood pressure: Not only does exercise lower blood pressure, the warm water of the swim spa open blood vessels, increasing the circulation within the body.

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