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Spa Pool Steps

High quality spa pool steps made for your Hot Spring spa


Spa pool steps are one of the essential addition to your Hot Spring spa. Making sure you choose the right spa pool steps ensures your safety and comfort in and out of your spa pool.

Manufactured in the USA, all Hot Spring spa steps are durable, hard wearing and made to match your Hot Spring spa. Choose a range of colours from our range of Everwood® Steps and Polymer Steps.

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Everwood® Steps | HotSpring Spas
Everwood® Steps

These heavy-duty, wear resistant steps are made from rigid polymers, making it easy to step in and out of your spa pool. Designed to matched the Everwood cabinet, this steps feature rich colour and natural wood appearance.

Product Dimensions: 81cm L x 55cm W x 39cm H

Polymer Steps | HotSpring Spas
Polymer Steps

This spa steps is both affordable and lightweight, but by no means flimsy. This proprietary design is durable to withstand New Zealand's harshest weather. As an added benefit, if the step does need to be replaced, it’s 100% recyclable.

Product Dimensions: (78 cm L X 62 cm W X 41cm H)

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