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Water Features and Fountains

Exquisite fountains and waterfalls to enhance your spa pool experience


Sit back and immerse yourself with the sound of your cascading water fountain and feel a million miles away. The tranquility of running water is a therapeutic and mesmerising addition to your spa experience. With a choice of backlit options and the ability to integrate with your sound system, your spa will transform into your own personal oasis. 

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Highlife® BellaFontana®

The BellaFontana water feature is exclusive to the Highlife Collection*. With three elegant backlit arches of water, it forms a beautiful fountain that can be enjoyed in tranquility mode or with your spa jets activated. Create your personal oasis by customising your lighting and adding and optional sound system.


* Available on all models in the Highlife Collection except the Prodigy and Jetsetter.  

Limelight® Vidro®

Add to your sensory experience with backlit ribbons of wide colourful cascading water. The Vidro water feature is exclusive to the Limelight Collection.


*All Limelight Collection spas except the Bolt™



Hot Spot® Waterfall

Enjoy the soothing sound of a sparkling, meditative waterfall in your Hot Spot Tempo®, Rhythm® or Relay® spa. Add some flair to your time in the spa and calm your senses. Water features are exciting for guests and fun for the kids.

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