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Hot Tub Pillow

Quality Hot Tub Pillow for your Spa

Small things can make a big difference to your spa experience. Our range of seamlessly integrated enhancements will make the time spent in your spa even better, and our ultra-comfortable hot tub pillow is a prime example of an addition that will enhance the quality of your soak.

If you’ve purchased a spa pool to relax and de-stress, or if you’re the type of bather who measures their spa time in hours rather than minutes, the ergonomically designed Hot Spring Hot Tub Pillow will allow you to fully immerse yourself in the experience.

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Hot tub pillows

The clever tub design of a Hot Spring spa pool is designed to cradle the body, allowing you to enjoy the most comfortable of soaks. If you want to really lean (back) into the experience, a Hot Spring Hot Tub Pillow provides the ultimate level of spa relaxation.

A permanent installation that’s most commonly positioned in the corners of your spa, the Hot Spring Hot Tub Pillow has been designed to cradle and support the neck, taking weight and stress off the surrounding muscle and bone. Ideal for anyone undertaking hydrotherapy treatments, rehabilitation or simply looking to enjoy the mental health benefits that a spa pool can offer, your hot tub pillow will allow you to really extend your soak time. At Hot Spring we understand one size doesn’t always fit all, so our spa pillows rotate to accommodate different neck heights.  

Hot tub pillow design

The Hot Spring Hot Tub Pillow is at once sleek and incredibly comfortable. An understated addition to your spa, it has been designed to look less like an added feature and more like an integral component, perfectly matching the look and feel of every model. While the low profile is pleasing to the eye, it is also surprisingly spongy, allowing you to lean back, relax and fully immerse yourself in the soothing sensory experience of your spa.

Finished in a muted silver, the Hot Spring Hot Tub Pillow complements our entire spa pool range, no matter the model, colours or added features you choose.

Hot tub pillow sizes

Your Hot Spring spa pool is a great equaliser – no matter how tall you might be, your head will always find itself just above the water. This means that you don’t have to worry about choosing the right size hot tub pillow or installing it at the right height – with the ability to rotate upside-down or right-side-up, the same pillow will suit every body type!

The ergonomic Hot Spring Hot Tub Pillow has been designed to suit all neck and head sizes and shapes. As long as your head sits above your shoulders, you can look forward to the most comfortable of soaks!

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