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Hot Tub Umbrella

Buy a Hot Tub Umbrella for your Spa

There’s nothing quite like enjoying an alfresco soak in a spa pool… unless it’s more of an indoor day. With the Hot Spring Hot Tub Umbrella, you can enjoy the outdoors while keeping the elements at bay.

Whether you need protection from snow, rain, hail or shine, our spa side umbrellas will give you the protection you need while looking fantastic.

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Hot tub umbrellas

Hot Spring spa pools are most commonly installed outdoors, giving our customers the opportunity to enjoy nature from the comfort of a tub – the way that spa pools are meant to be enjoyed. Unfortunately the weather isn’t always picture perfect.

If you don’t want to cut your spa session short just because of a bit of rain, or if the sun is a little too strong, there is an answer. A hot tub umbrella is purpose-built and can be placed over the spa pool area, allowing you to enjoy a well-earned soak no matter what Mother Nature might serve up. Waterproof, UV resistant and stable in wind, a hot tub umbrella allows you to enjoy a truly carefree soak.

Hot tub umbrella for any season

The Hot Spring Hot Tub Umbrella has been designed with the user in mind. It is held in place with a base plate that sits beneath the spa cabinet, making for an incredibly strong foundation. Lightweight and able to be rotated 360 degrees, it can be swivelled over your spa pool quickly and easily. Don’t let the lack of mass fool you though – constructed from powder-coated aluminium and zinc-plated steel, this umbrella is rust-resistant, UV-resistant and built to last.

Our umbrellas also offers form with all this function. It has been designed to perfectly complement your beautiful Hot Spring spa pool, and is available with either a Crème or Navy Blue canopy.

Hot tub umbrella sizes

Spanning three metres in diameter, the Hot Spring Hot Tub Umbrellas is large enough to cover almost our entire range in total shade. The only exception is our Endless Pools range of swim spas, but thanks to its manoeuvrability the umbrella remains every bit as effective even on the largest Endless Pools model.

Because you’re able to rotate and lower the umbrella as the sun goes down or if the rain comes in at an angle, you can be confident that you’ll be protected no matter the weather.

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