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Cost of running a swim spa | HotSpring Spas

Cost of running a swim spa

When you buy a swim spa, you place an infinitely long, tumble turn-free swim just steps from your back door. These machines are an incredible addition to your property, offering not just fitness, but relaxation, hydrotherapy and family fun too.

Swim spas represent a significant upfront investment, but just as important as the sticker price is the ongoing cost of running a swim spa – a cheap model can actually end up being a far more expensive option over its lifetime than a premium, high-quality spa.

How much does it cost to run a swim spa? You might hear salespeople say that they “cost a few dollars a day.” But you can’t read much into such a throwaway line, which means you could be unpleasantly surprised when you receive your power bill.

Let’s look at the factors that contribute to the running costs for a swim spa, to get a sense of what the true number might be.

Swim spa energy efficiency explained

Energy efficiency should be right at the pointy end of your swim spa shopping list, as lower power use can lead to significant savings, allowing you to use your swim spa to your heart’s content, without worrying about how much each session might cost.

As the brand that offers New Zealand's most energy efficient spa pools, we should know.

Some swim spa brands will highlight one or two energy efficient features to prove their low running costs. But at Hot Spring we know that true energy efficiency demands a more complete, holistic effort.

The insulation, covers, systems and components found in our premium swim spas are all finely tuned to minimise power use. This means a larger upfront investment can save you big money in the long term – lower-end swim spas can be more than twice as expensive to run.



In an Endless Pools swim spa you’ll find:


The most important factors in swim spa running costs

How much does a swim spa cost to run? The answer will depend on a number of key factors, which are also the things that you should look for in an energy efficient swim spa.

Swim spa insulation

The most significant factor in the cost to run a swim spa is the insulation found within the cabinet. Insulation slows the rate that heat leaves your spa and lowers the demand placed on the heater.

A range of insulation options are available for swim spas, and you inevitably get what you pay for. Cheap swim spas tend to feature partial or spray foam insulation, while the multi-density insulation found in Endless Pools swim spas is incredibly effective at retaining heat, and has the ‘R-value’ – a measure of insulation performance – to prove it.

High end swim spa insulation can make a huge difference to running costs, saving you hundreds or even thousands of dollars per year.

Swim spa covers

Hot air rises, so there’s no quicker way to lose swim spa heat than to leave it uncovered. But the way you cover your swim spa can make a big difference to how much heat it can retain.

Two factors are key: 

  • The seal that the cover can achieve with the swim spa
  • The insulation found within the swim spa cover

Some swim spa covers aren’t insulated at all. In fact, some swim spas don’t even come with covers – this ‘luxury’ represents an additional cost.

All Endless Pools swim spas come with fully insulated covers that form a perfect seal with your machine and lock in place. Our covers are also built to last (up to 3x longer than other brands). Our range of sliding and lifting systems also makes removing and replacing your cover a simple, one-person job, helping you to ensure your machine is always covered when empty.

Swim spa location

Your local climate will have a big impact on running costs. The colder your area, the harder the swim spa has to work to generate and retain heat.

Let’s look at a spa pool example. On average a Hot Spring spa pool in Auckland will cost around $0.96 per day/$6.72 per week to run.

But the word ‘average’ is doing a lot of heavy lifting here: the figures are based on an average-sized spa pool, the average Auckland temperature of 15.1C, and the average local power costs of 19.16 cents/kWh.

Adjust any of these variables and the cost will change, often dramatically. As a colder city with higher power prices, the same spa might cost $10+/week to run in Wellington. If it is placed in a particularly exposed area of a backyard, running costs could be even higher.

In short, if a dealer says a swim spa costs “a few dollars a day” to run, proceed with caution, as there are a lot of variables that need to be taken into account. For this reason, answering the question of “how much to run a swim spa?” is very hard.

Swim spa spa efficiency tips

Perhaps a better question to ask is “are swim spas expensive to run?” And if you know how to choose your swim spa wisely and run it efficiently, the answer can be no!

The following tips and tricks can save you serious cash as a swim spa owner:

  • Choose quality: Quality swim spas pay themselves back over time, so a wise investment can save you big bucks into the future. High-end machines will also last longer and come with better service and support.
  • Position it wisely: If possible, place your swim spa somewhere that is protected from the elements, and that avoids cold seeping up from the ground.
  • Cover it religiously: Cover your swim spa whenever it is not in use to keep the heat in. Form a better seal by locking the cover in place.
  • Lower the temperature: Set your swim spa to a luxury temperature, sure, but remember that every extra degree adds to your power bill. Go as low as is comfortable.
  • Conduct regular maintenance: Emptying filters, caring for your water and keeping your machine clean will ensure it works as efficiently as possible.
  • Heat strategically: If you need to heat your water a significant amount, do so in the warmest part of the day.



Buy from people you can trust

How much do swim spas cost to run? Unfortunately that question can only be answered with “it depends”. But armed with the knowledge above, you can identify the most efficient options, and use your swim spa in a way that minimises costs, and not at the cost of enjoyment.

At Hot Spring we are the world’s largest importer of Endless Pools swim spas. These machines share a wealth of technology with our spa pools, which just happen to be the most energy efficient in New Zealand.

At Hot Spring we believe in an honest approach. While we can’t tell you exactly how much your swim spa will cost to run, we do everything in our power to help you minimise the running costs, from choosing the right machine to offering ongoing post-sales support.

Keen to test out the incredible experience offered by an Endless Pools swim spa? Head to your local Hot Spring dealer today for a test swim!

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