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The benefits of a portable spa pool | HotSpring Spas

The benefits of a portable spa pool

Spa pools are the ultimate in backyard luxury, offering a relaxing, soothing, healing, fun and social experience whenever you might desire it. But not all spa pools are made the same. These machines tend to come in three main forms: permanent/in-ground, portable and inflatable.

Portable spa pools offer a number of benefits that permanent and inflatable spas simply cannot match. They’re easy to install and maintain, they’re comfortable yet cost-effective, they’re sturdy and long-lasting, and they’re 100% relocatable, meaning you can take them with you if you choose to move.

Let’s take a deeper dive into portable spa pools, to discover exactly what they are, and why they might be the wisest choice for your backyard.

What are portable spa pools?

The category of portable spa pools covers outdoor spas, also known as hot tubs and Jacuzzis, that feature a solid frame (unlike inflatable spa pools), and that are self-contained and able to be moved from place to place (unlike permanent/in-ground spa pools.)

Portable spa pools therefore offer the comfort of a permanent or in-ground spa pool with the portability of an inflatable spa pool. They also offer a number of other benefits and abilities that extend beyond those of permanent and inflatable models.

What are these benefits? Let’s take a look at six of the most compelling.

6 benefits of portable spa pools

1. Simple installation

The installation of an in-ground or otherwise permanent spa pool can be a massive undertaking. You need to find an appropriate place in your backyard, seek council approval, excavate, install and perhaps put up a fence. It goes without saying that this is a lengthy and costly process, particularly if access to your backyard is limited or complex – you might even need to take a fence down or hire a crane.

Installing a portable spa pool in a garden, on a balcony or indoors, is incredibly simple. Many Hot Spring spa pools feature Plug’N’Play technology, where installation is as simple as placing the spa pool where you want it, filling it with water and plugging it into a standard power outlet. Many Hot Spring models have also been purpose-built to fit through standard doorways.

Installation is super simple for our larger spas as well. The only real difference is you may need the help of a licensed electrician to ensure the necessary power is delivered to the unit.

2. Maintenance made easy

Permanent spa pools, particularly in-ground, can be super difficult and time-consuming to maintain. They can be tricky to drain and refill – a process that should be undertaken every few months – which means that giving them a proper clean can be a real headache.

What’s more, with their machinery often hidden away, replacing and repairing parts can be a hassle. You’ll often need the help of a professional, and the task may even require excavation.

Maintaining a portable spa pool, meanwhile, couldn’t be easier. Hot Spring spa pools are designed in a way that grants easy access to critical machinery, making the repair and replacement of parts a simple process. With gravity on your side, draining, cleaning and refilling of an above-ground spa pool is easy too.

3. It moves with you

Even the longest-term renters wouldn’t install a permanent spa pool in their home. While you might be desperately seeking a backyard soak, installing such a spa is a risk not worth taking, as you’ll be waving it goodbye as soon as your lease ends. You’ll also be putting your hard-earned money directly in the landlord’s pocket. Even homeowners can be hesitant to install a permanent spa, as they’re unable to take it with them if they choose to sell.

By choosing a Hot Spring portable spa, you can take it with you. No matter whether you’re a renter or a homeowner, when the time comes to move you can drain and unplug your spa, pop it in a van and take it to your new property!

4. Sturdy and built to last

“Why wouldn’t I just get a cheap inflatable spa?” you might be asking yourself. It’s true that these ‘bargain’ options also offer simple installation and maintenance, and can be taken wherever you need. But there are a few key areas in which they fall down. First and foremost: inflatable spa pools simply don’t last.

The soft plastic that makes inflatable spas so light and portable also forms their greatest weakness. A puncture is all but inevitable and can happen at any time: perhaps a stick was kicked into the side of the spa, or you placed the unit on top of a stray screw. These spas also aren’t weather resistant – left exposed to the elements, the plastic will degrade and eventually leak. Keeping it out of the weather means draining and refilling it constantly.

Portable spas, meanwhile, are incredibly strong, sturdy and built to last. When cared for correctly, a Hot Spring spa pool can last decades, all while standing up to whatever Mother Nature might throw at it. And if certain parts do begin to degrade, maintenance tends to be far simpler than with a more permanent spa.

5. Cost-effective

Between approvals, excavation, installation and tricky maintenance, permanent and in-ground spa pools are an all-round expensive option. And while you might think that an inflatable pool would be super cost-effective, that’s only ever in terms of sticker price. The running costs of inflatable spas can be sky high, as a lack of insulation means that you constantly need to heat the water, and inefficient machinery makes that process a power-hungry one.

A high-quality portable spa pool tends to be far cheaper to install than a permanent option, and tends to be far more efficient and cost-effective to run when compared to an inflatable, thanks to ultra-efficient insulation that’s designed to keep the heat in, and high quality machinery that draws less power.


6. Loaded with the latest tech

Finally, the technology that you get in a permanent or an inflatable spa pool tends to be quite limited: basic jets, basic (if any) seating, a total lack of in-spa entertainment options.

A Hot Spring spa pool, meanwhile, is loaded with the latest tech. Depending on the model you choose, you’ll enjoy:

A Hot Spring portable spa pool doesn’t just represent the middle ground between permanent and inflatable options – it’s better than both in almost every way you can imagine.

Are you ready to experience the Hot Spring difference? Get in touch with your local dealer today to book a test soak!

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