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The Best Way to Move a Spa Pool Safely | HotSpring Spas

The Best Way to Move a Spa Pool Safely

Perhaps you’ve bought a new home. Perhaps you’re moving into a rental. Whatever the case, you need to get all your things from your old house to your new one - a process that can quickly reveal who your nearest and dearest friends are!

But even those who are the happiest to help might regret their decision when they see your Hot Spring spa pool waiting to be transported. Large, heavy and awkwardly shaped, a Hot Spring spa pool can look like a real hassle to move. But if you know what you’re doing, it can be easier than you might think.

Prepare your spa pool for transport

The first step to moving your spa pool is draining your water. And when we say draining, we mean draining - not just of the pool itself, but of every pump, pipe, filter and receptacle inside. We also recommend that you recycle your spa pool water (which can be quite easy to do.)

Follow these steps to thoroughly drain your spa:

  1. Disconnect the power supply: Unplug your spa pool, or if it is wired in, turn off the breaker switch inside the circuit box. Note that spa pools directly wired to the power supply will require an electrician and/or a spa service representative to safely disconnect them.
  2. Connect a hose to the drain valve: Find the drain valve, remove the cover, then connect one end of a garden hose to the valve and run the other end to an appropriate drainage spot.
  3. Open the spa drain valve to release the water: It can take some time for the water to drain from the spa. Keep in mind that in some areas it is illegal to dump spa water into a drain that leads to the ocean.
  4. Push the water from pipes and pumps: Draining your spa through the valve won’t get rid of all the water, as some will puddle at the bottom of the spa and more will hide in the pumps and piping. Draining this hidden water is particularly important if you are moving to an area that experiences temperatures that fall below freezing. Get a wet-dry blower-vac, place the nozzle on the drain valve, then push the water in the pipes and out through the jets.
  5. Vacuum up the remaining water: Switch the wet-dry blower-vac to vacuum mode and clear the remaining water, which should form as puddles on the bottom of the spa pool.
  6. Clean the spa: Once all the water is removed, take the opportunity to thoroughly clean the spa and repair any surface scratches before moving it.

Once your spa pool is disconnected from power and completely drained, it’s ready to be moved.

Plan a route, move the spa

High-quality spa pools, including Hot Spring spas, are quite heavy, even when empty. You should never attempt to move a Hot Spring spa pool by yourself, so call some friends or family around to help.



Take note of the height and width of your spa, as well as the height and width of any doors, gates, stairs, alleyways or openings it has to travel through, both at your old home and your new home. Plan a route that the spa pool will fit through (ideally comfortably.)

Use a trolly or trundler to take the weight of the spa pool and roll it along the predetermined path. Lay down cardboard or thick heavy blankets to avoid damaging the spa, then tilt it on its side, with the heavy base facing the sack truck. Use plywood or thick cardboard to smooth the path over grass and gravel. If you need to move the spa pool up or down stairs, consider using a sack truck that has been designed for the purpose.

Save yourself the trouble: use a professional!

In certain circumstances, depending on where your spa is located, you might need to move it by crane. Many dealerships are experts at this delivery option. But even if you don’t need the help of heavy machinery, using a team of professional spa movers can save you a lot of time, effort and body aches.

While it may seem like moving a spa pool yourself is a smart way to save money, doing so may void your warranty, which could increase the cost of repairs that need to be made as a result of the move or in the future.

No one is more expert at moving spa pools safely and efficiently than your local spa dealer. These trained technicians disconnect, drain, move and reinstall spas every day… and have probably saved a few relationships in the process! Your dealer will not only move your spa, they’ll also get it up and running in your new home. 

There’s another option too: instead of moving your current spa to your new home, if you've had it for a few years, it may be time to shop for a new one! When you trade in your spa and upgrade, its value can be put toward a brand new spa pool with the latest and greatest features and technology.


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