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Outdoor spa pool ideas | HotSpring Spas

Outdoor spa pool ideas

For some the thought of installing a spa pool in their backyard is exciting enough. For others – those chasing the ultimate soak, or wanting to add a real wow factor to their home – the purchase of a spa pool represents the foundation upon which amazing experiences and real-world value can be built.

Outdoor spa pool ideas are limited only by your imagination, but a few are classics for a reason. You can add beauty through lighting systems and water features. You can add accessibility with purpose-built accessories and smart placement. You can add fun with the addition of a sound system or even a TV.

This article, brimming with in-spa-ration, is written for anyone who wants to enhance their spa ownership experience. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the very best outdoor spa pool ideas.

Ideas for spa pool shelter and privacy

Spa time should be relaxing. It’s your time that should be spent your way. By increasing your spa’s shelter and privacy you can soak no matter the weather, and in perfect privacy.

If you’re trying to create a more secluded soak, some of the best spa pool privacy ideas – outlined in detail in this blog – include:

  • Natural barriers like bamboo, hedges and evergreen trees.
  • A spa pool fence made of timber, steel or opaque glass.
  • A privacy-enhancing accessory, such as a Hot Spring Cover Lifter.

If you’re looking to protect yourself from the elements as well as prying eyes, a spa pool shelter can increase privacy levels while also granting you a comfortable soak come rain, hail or shine. Spa pool shelter ideas include:

Ideas for friends and family

If you’re the type of person who feels that soaking in a spa is an experience better shared, you’ll want to create an enticing spa situation for your family and friends. A spa pool is a fantastic place to connect, as it’s a no-go zone for those distracting mobile phones. The following ideas are designed to enhance your social life and help you spend more quality time with your family:

  • Make it a regular event: Schedule in a weekly family spa, or a monthly get-together with friends. This can make your spa pool a place where your family gets to properly connect and where your social life soars!
  • Bring the fun: A quick Google presents an endless list of spa pool-specific games. The kids will love Submarine, Musical Jets and Hot Tub Hockey, while the adults can use a set of waterproof playing cards and an upturned frisbee to play poker, go fish and more. If you’re feeling creative, why not make up your own game?
  • Build a bar: There’s nothing quite like soaking a sumptuously warm spa pool with an ice cold beverage in hand, and if your next drink is within reach, all the better! Build a bar and place it next to your spa pool for hours of fun and frivolity.

Image Sourced by: Landsmiths - Landscapers

Ideas for spa pool landscaping

A high-quality spa pool can form the centrepiece of your backyard, but you don’t want it to do the heavy lifting all by itself – each landscaping element should add the overall feel of your outdoor area. When executed well, the following ideas can do exactly that:

  • Place a spa pool next to your swimming pool, ready for a pre- or post-swim soak.
  • Add an outdoor shower next to the spa, to cool down, rinse off and add aesthetic interest.
  • Build a raised deck around your portable spa.
  • Place your spa near an outdoor kitchen for the ultimate entertaining area.
  • Apartments can have spa pools too! A spa can be a spectacular addition to a balcony – you just need to check with a professional to ensure it can take the weight!
  • A nearby fountain or water feature can add beauty and calm to your soaking experience.


Ideas for entertainment

The soothing massage and sparkling conversation that you’ll find within the four walls of your spa pool might be more than enough entertainment for you. But there are a wealth of ways and means to further enhance your ability to entertain.

  • Audio-visual systems: While your spa might not be the most hospitable place for your mobile phone, you can take advantage of electronic entertainment in certain forms. Hot Spring offers several Bluetooth sound systems, and even a waterproof TV monitor that you can use to catch a movie or the latest game.
  • Spa pool lighting systems: Be dazzled by Hot Spring’s Luminescence® and Raio® lighting systems, which bring not just entertainment, but beauty and calm to your spa pool soaking experience too.
  • Fountains and water features: Another way to enhance the atmosphere of your spa pool is with the addition of a fountain or water feature, such as the Highlife® BellaFontana® or the Limelight® Vidro®.

Image sourced by: Landsmiths - Landscapers

Ideas for accessibility

Elevated and covered in those inevitable splashes, the young, old and those with limited mobility might find entering and exiting a spa pool a challenge. But by capitalising on the following ideas, you can make your spa pool accessible to all:

  • Build a deck around the spa, or cut a spa-shaped hole in your current deck, then lower the unit in.
  • Add spa pool steps to make entry and exit easy.
  • Place your spa pool next to a wall or in a corner to give soakers something to lean on as the enter and exit.
  • Add a spa side handrail to give people something to grip as they enter/exit.
  • Add a spa pool cover lifter to make removing the cover a simple, one-person job.
  • Avoid smooth tiles, pavers and timber – choose flooring with grit and grip wherever possible.

The list of ideas to enhance your spa pool ownership experience is limited only by your imagination. You can either take some of those listed here as writ, or use them as inspiration.

With years of experience in helping our customers get the most out of their spa pool investment, our expert team at Hot Spring can also offer a bit of direction. Get in touch or book a test soak with your local dealer today!


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