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Creating privacy for your spa pool | HotSpring Spas

Creating privacy for your spa pool

A spa pool is a fun, relaxing and hugely beneficial addition to a New Zealand home. But trying to enjoy a spa while neighbours and the general public watch on can see some of those benefits diluted, not least because you might be less inclined to soak.

While you might’ve placed your spa pool in the best spot possible, some backyards aren’t inherently private. It could also be that the most appropriate place – the one that offers the necessary space, has access to power, and can handle the weight of the spa pool when full, is in a more open and public area of your yard.

Don’t fret: the solution isn’t to move house, or to sell your beloved spa. There are a number of far simpler ways to make your spa pool soak more private, removing it from the line of sight of neighbours and passers-by.



Use clever landscaping to create privacy

A natural, beautiful and highly effective way to create a more private spa pool experience, strategically planting trees, hedges and flowering plants not only keeps prying eyes out, but also grants those in the spa a more beautiful view.

It’s important to choose your plants wisely, as some will grow faster and provide denser coverage than others. You want to avoid plants that drop too much leaf litter (particularly deciduous trees and shrubs), you should only choose plants that demand as much upkeep as you’re willing to give, and you should remember that some fast-growing plants can grow a little too well, potentially overtaking your garden.

Organic privacy options include:

  • Bamboo: A famously fast-growing plant that can form a beautifully uniform natural fence, nothing creates privacy faster than bamboo. You have to be careful though, as it can take over your property both above and below ground if it isn’t carefully controlled.
  • Evergreen trees: A fast-growing tree like a Lilly Pilly or a Kanuka (a South Island native) can be trained to grow thick with regular trimming. Ask your local nursery about the best shade trees for your area.
  • Evergreen hedges: A high, thick, colourful and fast-growing hedge like a Photinia Robusta can form a stunning privacy screen, though it will require regular upkeep to look its best.

The main issue with growing your privacy screens is that it takes time. If you’re looking to create more privacy right now rather than in the months to come, you might be better served by a barrier that can be installed, rather than grown.


Guarantee privacy with a spa pool fence

So obvious that it might deserve top spot on this list, a spa pool fence is the simplest, fastest and easiest way to get more spa pool privacy.

There are endless options to choose from, each of which brings a unique look and feel to your outdoor space:

  • Timber: Offering a traditional look that pairs perfectly with a spa pool, timber fencing combines the natural feel of the organic barriers mentioned above, with the instantaneousness and complete coverage offered by fencing. It’s worth noting that timber fences will be more susceptible to water damage than others.
  • Steel: A strong and long-lasting option, a steel fence could also be the most cost-effective way to increase your levels of spa pool privacy.
  • Coated glass: A modern and luxurious option that pairs well with Hot Spring’s higher-end models, laminated glass can offer just enough of a barrier to create privacy, while still offering those inside the spa pool an uninterrupted view of their surroundings.

It’s important to keep in mind that while fencing might be a quick and cost-effective option, it may not be right for your specific situation, and other options are certainly worth considering.


Consider a pergola, gazebo or pavilion

Do you live in a hilly area or next door to a high-rise? Are people granted a birds-eye view of your spa, thus limiting the privacy offered by fencing? If people are able to peer over fences and hedges, it might be worth considering a barrier that covers your spa pool.

Pergolas, gazebos and pavilions each put a roof over your head, but differ by the shape of their trusses:

  • Pergola: The truss is made up of evenly spaced rafters.
  • Gazebo: The truss is three dimensional, radiating from a central point.
  • Pavilion: Twin triangular trusses are evenly spaced.

Each option will keep the sun off, the rain and snow at bay, and prying eyes out, so the main difference is stylistic. Pavilions and gazebos do have healthy roof cavities though, so if you want to install lighting or a sound system above the spa, you’d be wise to choose either of these two.

You can add walls to any of these constructions, though you need to keep in mind that ventilation is critical for spa pools, particularly if you live in the more humid regions of the upper North Island. If you do choose to make your construction more enclosed, ensure you add fans or other forms of ventilation. You can also add beauty by allowing vines to climb posts and walls, giving your shelter a more natural feel.

But what if you don’t have the space or budget for endless landscaping, fencing or construction? It might be worth considering something simpler.

Add a privacy-enhancing accessory

For those who have placed their spa pool on a small deck, in a tight courtyard, or even on a balcony, privacy options might appear limited. But there are a couple of accessories that can help to make your soak more secluded.

You could choose the Hot Spring Spa Side Umbrella, which features a clever design that can be manoeuvred in any direction, blocking the view of prying eyes. Simply tuck the base plate of the umbrella under the side of the spa that you want to protect, and move it into position. You’ll also enjoy protection from sun, wind, rain and snow!

Then there’s Hot Spring’s range of spa pool cover lifters. While the main purpose of this accessory is to make spa access and coverage easy, these lifters also act as a vertical shield when the spa is in use.

Discover more Hot Spring spa pool accessories

A private soak is a truly relaxing and enjoyable soak. By strategically placing plants, fencing, roofs or accessories around your spa pool, you’ll enjoy a more secluded experience, not to mention one that is shaded, protected from the weather, more soundproofed, better insulated and potentially more beautiful.

To get the most out of your spa pool, you should be able to enjoy it without fear of being watched. If you’re looking for ways to make your spa ownership experience more private, our friendly team is ready to help. Give us a call today!

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