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Best spa pool for couples | HotSpring Spas

Best spa pool for couples

Relaxing, rejuvenating, romantic; spa pools seem almost purpose-built for couples – a luxurious place to catch up at the end of a long day, to melt away your troubles, and to otherwise enjoy each other’s company. For many couples, the question isn’t ‘should we get a spa pool?’, but ‘which spa pool should we get?

The best spa pool for couples will depend on your unique needs, wants and situation. Savvy buyers tend to factor in a few key considerations. A couple’s spa will be big enough for you, your partner and whoever else might join, and it will be high-quality, low maintenance and energy efficient.

Let’s take the time to dive deeper into these considerations, to understand the questions you should be asking to identify the perfect spa pool for your home.

What size spa pool is best?

Perhaps the most important question for a couple shopping for a spa pool concerns the size.

First things first: you’ll need at least two seats if you want to enjoy spa time together – a bar that every Hot Spring model manages to clear. Beyond that most basic of requirements, the perfect size spa pool will depend on four main factors:


The available space

How much room are you able to commit to a spa pool? If your property is blessed with plenty of outdoor space, whether in the form of a deck, a paved area, or even an extra large balcony, the answer might be ‘as much as I need to’. If your outdoor space is a little more compact, or you want to install your spa pool in a specific spot, you might have a hard limit on the size of spa pool that you can buy.

The number of seats

Sure, you’re looking for a couple’s spa pool, but there may be times when you want to invite friends or family around for a soak. Looking to the future, you might also want to eventually have children, and a spa is a great place to enjoy quality family time, free from electronic distractions and other devices. This might mean that your ideal spa pool can seat four, five or even more!

The roominess of each seat

Spa pools vary in terms of internal spaciousness, as demonstrated by models in the Hot Spring range. Compare, for example, the four-seat Cascina, a compact unit that holds 775L of water, to the four-seat Triumph, that holds 1275L and features two full-length lounges.

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Your budget

A larger spa will cost more than a smaller equivalent. You might want a large spa, and have the space to accommodate it, but that doesn’t count for much if you don’t also have access to the necessary funds.

What makes a good spa pool for couples?

What else should you consider when shopping for a spa pool as a couple, aside from size and seating? Elements that should factor into your decision include:

Hydromassage jets

The key feature of any spa pool, hydromassage jets don’t just offer relaxation – they deliver a wealth of proven health and wellness benefits too. Few if any spa pool brands invest as much as Hot Spring in hydromassage jet technology; a fact that becomes clear as soon as you step into one of our machines. No matter whether you’re looking for relaxation, rehabilitation or post-exercise recovery, a Hot Spring spa pool can deliver the soaking experience you’re after.

Build quality

You’re in this relationship for the long haul, so you want a spa that can last just as long. Look for spa pools made from high quality materials, with good build quality, and with generous warranties. As the only spa manufacturer who guarantees the supply of spare parts for 20 years, don’t be surprised if your Hot Spring lasts decades.

Energy efficiency

Travelling, starting a family, finding your forever home; whatever your couple goals might be, you’ll need money to achieve them. By choosing an energy efficient spa pool, you can significantly reduce the ongoing costs. Hot Spring offer the most energy efficient spa pools on the market, with running costs as low as $1 a day!



Maintenance and upkeep

In the past spa pools have demanded quite a bit of maintenance and upkeep from their owners. But in recent years automated technologies have cut down most of the work, allowing you to enjoy more play. An example can be found in Hot Springs FreshWater™ Salt System, a cutting edge water care system that uses simple replacement cartridges to keep water clean, soft and fresh for up to a year.

Entertainment and atmosphere

A romantic weekday evening. A Friday night party with friends. A family catch-up on a lazy Sunday. The ability to set the mood of your spa is an often overlooked but super handy feature, and if you choose the right model you’ll be able to do just that. Hot Spring spa pools, for example, offer internal and external lighting systems, a selection of water features and fountains, and even fully-fledged sound and audio-visual systems. Whatever atmosphere the occasion demands, you’ll be able to create it.

Are swim spas good for couples?

Are you an active couple? An Endless Pools swim spa might be the spa pool upgrade you’re looking for.

A swim spa is a surprisingly compact machine that generates its own current to offer a unique swim-in-place experience. Despite measuring just a few metres in length, it delivers a swim that is eerily similar to one in open water. It’s a 100% tumble turn-free zone!

Swimming is just one string to a swim spa’s bow. You can jog on the Underwater Treadmill, spin on the Aquabike, and get a full-body workout from the Water Rower and resistance bands. Workout complete, you can then recover in the jet-lined spa pool section found at one end of the spa.

No matter whether you and your partner invest in a spa pool or a swim spa, you’ll enjoy an incredible array of benefits that extend to the mental, the physical, and perhaps most important of all, the interpersonal.

No quality time compares to that found in the warm waters of a Hot Spring spa pool. Contact your local dealer and book a test soak today.

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