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Swim spas vs spa pools | HotSpring Spas

Swim spas vs spa pools

Swim spas versus spa pools. They’re both portable, self-contained pools of warm water. They’re both lined with hydromassage jets. They’re both capable of delivering relaxation, health and wellness, fun, quality time with loved ones and more.

So in the battle of swim spa vs spa pool, which is best? The answer depends on a number of factors, including what you’ll use your machine for, how much room you have in your backyard, and your budget.

In this guide, we’ll take a closer look at spa pools vs swim spas: what each type of machine does, how they differ, and why you might choose one over the other.

What is the difference between a swim spa and a spa pool?

Hot Spring spa pools and Endless Pools swim spas share a lot in common, not least because they are both built by the world’s largest spa pool company, Watkins Wellness. This means that both types of machine come with an extensive network of local dealers ready to offer support, the most innovative and efficient spa technologies built in, and a 20-year spare part guarantee for ultimate peace of mind.

The main difference is functionality. Endless Pools swim spas offer high-end aquatic fitness, thanks to a propulsion system that creates a strong, wide and fully adjustable current that flows down the centre of the spa. This delivers an infinite swim-in-place experience – you’ll never have to tumble-turn again! — while also offering a wealth of other aquacise: jogging, rowing, aquacycling, hydrotherapy, resistance training and more.

Both Endless Pools swim spas and Hot Spring spa pools offer hydromassage, and both can warm the water inside to toasty temperatures. Unsurprisingly, Endless Pools swim spas are on average more than twice as large as Hot Spring spa pools, which also means they represent a more significant investment. 



Questions to ask when deciding between a swim spa or spa pool

Swim spa vs spa pool: which machine is right for you? By asking yourself the following questions, you’ll gain a better idea of the perfect machine for your situation.

How will I use my machine?

What is your main reason for making the investment in a spa? If you’re simply looking for a place to relax, to de-stress, to spend quality, device-free time with your loved ones, then a Hot Spring spa pool is ideal.

At the same time, all Endless Pools swim spa models offer a similarly luxurious hydromassage experience – for the most part you won’t miss out on any functionality should you choose to upgrade to a swim spa. You will, however, enjoy the added extra of backyard aquacise: you can swim in place for hours, you can jog on the underwater treadmill, you can do resistance exercises like rowing or even cycle on the aquabike.

Boasting a larger pool of water than a spa pool, an Endless Pools swim spa also offers swimming fun for the kids and can form the hub of a pool party.



How much space do I have to work with?

If an Endless Pools swim spa can do everything that a Hot Spring spa pool can do and more, the choice is simple, right? Not necessarily, as added functionality brings added size, and modern backyards are only getting smaller.

Before choosing your perfect machine, it’s critical that you identify where you’d like to place your spa, and check how much room you have to play with. (It’s also important to check that the surface in your preferred spot is capable of holding the weight of a full machine.)

Endless Pools models have footprints ranging from 8m² to 14m², while Hot Spring spa pools measure between 2.2m² to 6.5m². While all are compact compared to a swimming pool or lap pool, the reality is that these measurements might mean that the choice of swim spa versus spa pool is made for you.


What is my budget?

The cost of swim spa vs spa pool is another key consideration — you should sit down and work out your budget before you begin shopping on what would be one of the biggest investments you will be making.

As larger machines that are packed with more features, Endless Pools swim spas will demand a larger investment than Hot Spring spa pools. This is in terms of both the upfront and ongoing costs, as a swim spa has more water to heat and treat.

The good news is that both Endless Pools swim spas and Hot Spring spa pools are investments that pay themselves back over time. They’re built to last and incredibly energy efficient – the cabinets and covers are packed with high-performance insulation that keeps more heat in, and efficient internal machinery does more work while using less power.

In fact, with running costs as little as $1 a day, Hot Spring spa pools have been independently tested as the most energy efficient machines on the New Zealand market!

Do swim spas get as hot as spa pools?

A common question for prospective swim spa owners is whether these machines truly get as warm as a spa pool. If you choose an Endless Pools swim spa, the answer is simply yes.

Thanks to efficient insulation and heating technology, our swim spas are capable of getting every bit as toasty as our spa pools. This means that when you aren’t working out, you can treat your swim spa as a spa pool, leaning into the hydromassage jets included on every model. Some, like the E2000 Fitness System, even have a separate, dedicated spa pool section.

Spa pool vs swim spa: which should I choose?

Your choice of swim spa versus spa pool is down to personal preferences, such as what you want to use your machine for, and realities, such as space and budget limitations.

The good news? There’s no wrong answer! No matter which model you choose, you’ll get a machine that will enhance your lifestyle in any number of ways: by offering relaxation and relief, by enhancing your health and wellness, by granting you quality time with your loved ones, or by using low impact, high intensity exercise to get you fitter than you have ever been before.

Better yet, por que no los dos? Many Kiwis have chosen the best of both worlds, investing in both a swim spa that offers unrivalled aqua fitness, and a spa pool that delivers a truly luxurious soak!

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