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Swim spa prices: The actual cost of a swim spa in 2024 | HotSpring Spas

Swim spa prices: The actual cost of a swim spa in 2024

You’ve heard about swim spas. You may even know someone who owns one. You love the idea of having access to the ultimate aqua fitness machine – an infinite lap pool, cross trainer, hydrotherapist and tranquil escape – just steps from your backyard.

You’re ready to start shopping – you just need to set your budget. But before you do, you need to know that the sticker price will only ever tell part of the story. In fact, when you consider running costs, maintenance, longevity and trade-in value, choosing a cheap and cheerful swim spa could be one of the most expensive decisions you ever make.

The good news is that by choosing a high-end swim spa, you not only get a stunning swimming and soaking experience, you also get a machine that can ultimately save you money compared to a cut price option. 

Want to know the truth about swim spa cost? Read on to find out more.


What should I know before buying a swim spa?

At Hot Spring we’re New Zealand’s oldest and most trusted spa pool brand, and the world’s largest importer of Endless Pools machines, the original swim spa. We know a thing or two about wise spa investments, and we enjoy using our knowledge and expertise to help prospective swim spa owners avoid buying mistakes.

To gain a better understanding of swim spa cost, let’s begin with a hypothetical. You’re considering two different swim spa models from two different brands:

  • Swim spa #1: A seemingly cost-effective option, this model retails for $30,000, but the brand is new on the scene, the feature list is unimpressive, and build quality appears to be lacking.
  • Swim spa #2: Similar in size and style, this is a more premium option at $50,000. Made by an established brand like Endless Pools swim spas, the cost is a noticeable step up, but one that is reflected in the specifications, features and build quality.

Choose option one and you’ll save $20,000, right? Sure… but only on the day that you pay for it because swim spa #1:

  • Isn’t well insulated and uses cheaper components, which means you face higher power bills.
  • Lacks smart water care technology, which means spending more time on water care and replacing your water more regularly.
  • Is more likely to break down. Warranty only lasts 12 months, and doesn’t include labour for installing replacement parts.
  • It isn’t designed with longevity in mind, so you may be forced to repair or replace your swim spa sooner.
  • Depreciates quickly, so resale or trade-in value is low.
  • Lacks the high-end swimming and soaking experience that ensures you use it regularly.

Sure, swim spa #1 appears to be a comparative bargain on the day you buy it, but this value for money begins to decline as soon as that purchase is made.


The four key costs of swim spa ownership

Now that we know that advertised swim spa prices only tell part of the story, what other costs should you consider when forming a budget? The average cost of a swim spa over its lifetime can be broken down into four main categories.

1. The upfront investment

When browsing swim spa sizes and prices, there’s no doubt that you should take note of the initial outlay, as this will be the most significant one-time cost you’ll face. But lower shouldn’t be seen as better. In fact, a cut-price bargain should perhaps set off alarm bells, as cheap spas tend to have far higher running costs. Speaking of which…


2. Running costs

The amount you spend on power, water and chemicals will depend on the technology and build quality of your swim spa:

  • Power: Swim spas have a lot of water to keep warm. High quality insulation makes a huge difference to the amount of power you use, keeping more heat in and reducing the demand on your heater. High quality, efficient internal machinery will also help.
  • Chemicals: Cheaper swim spas usually rely heavily on chemicals for water cleanliness, while higher quality machines use technologies like ozone generators to minimise chemical use.
  • Water: The right water care system won’t just reduce chemical use – it’ll make your water last far longer. Every swim spa needs to be drained and refilled from time to time, and with swim spas holding up to 9000L of H2O, this can make a huge difference to your water bill.

3. Maintenance and repairs

Swim spa maintenance, and the occasional repair and replacement of parts, is key to ensuring your machine lasts longer and continues to perform at its peak. High quality swim spas come with high quality service, and are designed to last. The same can’t usually be said for cost-effective swim spas.

4. Trade-in value

Buyers have confidence in quality products from proven brands, so they hold their value: think Toyota cars and Apple electronics. Swim spas are the same – when you buy a new swim spa from a trusted brand, you’ll enjoy far better resale or trade-in value if and when you choose to upgrade, whether in five, 10 or 15 years’ time.

All in all, an above-ground or in-ground swim spa cost is more than just the sticker price. In fact the price is perhaps the most deceptive of all costs, as a low upfront investment can actually mean spending far more over the lifetime of the machine.

The best rated swim spas, meanwhile, tend to pay off their higher upfront costs – and then some.


Endless Pools: a swim spa investment

With a history stretching back to 1984, Endless Pools are the original swim spas, and still the best. Over the course of four decades the name has become synonymous with quality, longevity and innovation, all of which are key to creating a swim spa ownership experience that costs you less in the long run.

At Hot Spring we are the world’s largest importer of Endless Pools swim spas. We also happen to offer the most energy efficient spa pools in New Zealand, which cost as little as $1 a day to run.

We’re here for the long haul. We guarantee the supply of spare parts for 20 years, and unlike other swim spa brands, Endless Pools machines can actually last that long. Kiwis know us and trust us, which also means our swim spas offer unmatched resale value.

Packed with technology that makes for easier maintenance, lower bills and a more immersive swim-in-place experience, there’s a reason why more and more Kiwis are choosing Endless Pools swim spas.

Head to your local dealer for a test swim today!

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