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Protecting Your Spa Pool from Rain and Bad Weather Conditions | HotSpring Spas

Protecting Your Spa Pool from Rain and Bad Weather Conditions

Is there anything quite as relaxing as enjoying the light pitter-patter of New Zealand rain as you relax in your own outdoor spa pool? Enveloped by warm water, you’re freed from the normal concern of getting wet and cold from the drizzle, and can instead enjoy an entirely unique experience, with the spa pool soothing both your body and your mind.

The same applies to a spa soak in snow and in sunshine. One of the joys of a spa pool is that it’s ready for use no matter what Mother Nature serves up – a little bit of weather can in fact be a good thing.

But is it good for your spa pool in the long term?

Outdoor spas are designed to be exposed to the elements, but over time—a lot of time—they will naturally experience weathering. There are however ways to slow this inevitable process, ensuring you can enjoy your spa pool in rain, snow, sun, sleet and hail for years to come.


How your spa pool cabinet and systems are protected in the rain

High-quality spa pools have well-designed components that can stand up to harsh weather over a long period of time. They are covered by waterproof cabinetry made of weather- and UV-resistant synthetic materials that are also designed to maintain energy efficiency, especially in cold climates. The best-insulated spa pools have multi-layered full foam insulation that not only retains heat, but lends flexible structural support to the spa when it expands and contracts with changes in temperature.



Cabinet insulation also protects interior components from moisture and humidity. Without protection, ambient humidity—particularly in salty, seaside locations—can wear on spa parts that may be exposed to the elements, including the heater casing, pumps and electrical connections.

A spa pool is a significant investment, so you need to both choose the right spa and take care of it post-purchase, particularly after bouts of harsh weather. If standing water accumulates around the spa pool after a rainstorm, consider digging a drainage ditch. If snow piles around or on top of the spa cabinet, shovel and brush it away. In the heat of summer, use an umbrella to shield yourself and your spa pool from the worst UV rays, to ensure you only enjoy health benefits from your spa sessions.

A durable spa cover, cover lifter and umbrella will protect your spa pool in the rain

Accessories like spa covers, cover lifters and umbrellas will protect your spa pool all year round. The best spas, including every Hot Spring spa, will come with a cover that should be used whenever the spa pool isn’t occupied.

Your cover is on the front line in the battle against UV, snow and rain, so you’ll want one made of durable, weather-resistant materials like heavy-duty vinyl. The cover casing should be thick and tear-resistant, but with enough give to absorb the impact of hail. The insulation of the cover should be dense enough to trap the spa’s heat, even in sub-zero temperatures.

It can be tempting to just leave the cover off – after all, a high-quality spa cover will be a heavy-duty piece of kit. But that decision could cost you. When your spa is left uncovered heat quickly escapes which you’ll need to use a lot of power to regain. The shell of the spa is also exposed to the sun, which will eventually cause it to fade. But there is a way to make moving the cover simple – a spa pool cover lifter.

A cover lifter helps you lift, fold or slide the cover off your spa, ensuring it is protected all year round. Hot Spring cover lifters are designed for seamless integration with our custom-fit spa covers, so there’s no unsightly metal bar protruding above the spa. Instead, the bar is tucked inside the cover where it is protected from the elements.

For even more weather protection, consider investing in a spa pool umbrella. A weighted, spa-side umbrella offers protection while you’re in your spa pool, whether from sun, rain, hail or snow. Like a cover, it also protects your spa pool from hail and UV damage – most users keep their umbrellas up even when the spa isn’t occupied.

No matter where you are in New Zealand, from the subtropical north to the snowy Southern Alps, you should be looking for the same features in a spa: one that is made from high-quality and durable materials, that offers the accessories that you need, and that comes from a brand you can trust. By choosing the right spa, you can look forward to delightful soaks in the outdoors for years to come, no matter what Mother Nature serves up.


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