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What are the best accessories for my outdoor spa pool? | HotSpring Spas

What are the best accessories for my outdoor spa pool?

Spa pools are incredible pieces of machinery, capable of offering up relaxing, fun, massage and hydrotherapy in equal measure. Ultimately the functionality of your spa will depend on the features it offers, and like adding personality to an outfit, the best way to personalise your spa pool experience is to accessorise.

The best spa pool accessories for your situation will reflect what you hope to get out of your spa: the increased accessibility offered by steps and handrails, the reduced work of water care technology, the enhanced functionality of cover lifters or the entertainment of audiovisual systems.


The ultimate lifestyle enhancement, enhanced

Kiwis have long known the healing, soothing and relaxing powers of warm water. Māori have been soaking in naturally occurring thermal pools for generations; a tradition that continues to this day, thanks in part to the fact that these medicinal waters are now available on-demand.

Installing a spa pool in your New Zealand backyard is the ultimate lifestyle enhancement – a place to relax and unwind after a busy day, to spend quality time with friends and family, or to party the weekend away. Then there are the health and wellness benefits, with the unique combination of warm water immersion and soothing hydromassage able to offer relief from chronic pain and a reduction in stress and anxiety amongst a wealth of other benefits.

If you’re in search of the ultimate spa pool experience, one that maximises these seemingly endless benefits, look no further than Hot Spring’s complete suite of outdoor spa pool accessories. Whether you’re looking to add functionality, entertainment, efficiency or indulgence, there’s a Hot Spring accessory to suit.

Functional spa pool accessories

Sometimes the simple things can make the biggest difference. In Hot Spring’s range of functional spa pool accessories you have a wealth of ways to reduce the work and increase the enjoyment of spa ownership.


Cover Lifters

Hot tub covers can be heavy and awkward to move, particularly if you’re the only one home. Dropping the cover onto the ground can also cause cracks, scratches and other damage. Our range of cover lifters grant a spa pool owner the ability to take the cover off with a gentle push. Robust, stylish and designed specifically for your model of spa pool, you can trust a Hot Spring cover lifter to take care of the heavy lifting.

Advanced Water Care

It’s always been the least appealing aspect of spa pool ownership: juggling litmus strips and chemicals in a constant battle to keep your water soft, fresh and clear. But by installing an advanced water care system like the Hot Spring FreshWater™ Salt System, which uses cartridges to keep your water clean, clear and sanitised for up to a year (while using minimal chemical additives), you can trade work for play!


Hot Spring spa pools range in height from 71cm to almost a metre, which can make access difficult for those with limited mobility. But don’t fret: a set of spa pool steps will make entry and exit a breeze. Manufactured in the USA, all Hot Spring spa steps are durable, hard wearing and made to integrate with your Hot Spring spa. They come in two materials and a variety of colours – whether you match your cabinetry or choose a popping feature step is up to you!


Another accessibility feature can be found in the Hot Spring Spa Side Handrail, which offers the young, the elderly and those with limited mobility another contact point as they get into and out of the spa. Simply slip the base plate under the spa cabinet, and you have a solid grip whenever you need it. The rail can swing in and out of the spa, and a battery-powered LED adds extra safety at night.


Protect yourself from the sun, reduce glare, and make daytime soaks more comfortable with the Hot Spring Spa Side Umbrella. At 3m in diameter, it’s large enough to ensure every part of your spa is shaded. Made from strong powder-coated aluminium, and able to rotate 360°, this is a robust and super functional addition to your spa pool. It can even protect you from rain and snow!


With the addition of a set of perfectly comfortable Hot Spring Spa Pillows, you can sit back and completely relax in your spa pool. These soft foam pillows integrate organically into the shell of your spa to cradle your head and neck. Waterproof and perfectly sized, a pillow allows you to better appreciate the relaxation that your spa pool can deliver.

Towel Tree

Keep your towels clean, dry and close by with a Spa Side Towel Tree, an easy-to-assemble accessory that keeps your towels within arm’s reach, saving you from that uncomfortable run from spa to backdoor. Constructed from powder-coated aluminium and featuring a beautiful bronze finish, the Towel Tree adds both function and form to your spa.

Spa pool entertainment accessories

Some spa pool owners are in it for the on-demand access to a tranquil and soothing escape. Others enjoy playing host, inviting friends and family around for a drink, a laugh and a sumptuous soak. Hot Spring’s range of entertainment accessories can add to the atmosphere of either occasion, allowing you to set whatever mood you choose.

22" HD Wireless Monitor

Watch sport with friends, movies with family, or the nightly news when you get home from work – a Hot Spring TV turns your spa pool into an immersive, massaging living room. Built for the outdoors, you can expect your monitor to be every bit as robust as your spa.

Bluetooth® Audio System

From relaxing rainforest sounds to Friday night party tunes, the addition of a Bluetooth audio system adds gorgeous sound to the suite of sensory pleasures delivered by your Hot Spring spa pool. Stream music from your chosen device, and control volume and track choice through your spa pool control panel!

Lighting Systems

Does your preferred spa pool lack a lighting system? Does it already have built-in lights, but you’d just like to give it an illuminated boost? Hot Spring’s range of lighting systems are designed to bring a colourful, vibrant and fully customisable experience to your spa pool, allowing you to set the mood and add real beauty, both inside the spa and out.

Hot Tub Cooling Systems

Hot Spring spa pools are best known for their winter work, offering a warm and indulgent escape from the cold. But why should your spa pool enjoyment be restricted to half the year? Hot Spring spas equipped with our CoolZone™ System grant you the ability to cool your water as efficiently as you can heat it, turning your hot tub into a perfectly refreshing summer escape!

Cooling systems are also ideal for athletes – if you took a few hard knocks during the weekend’s rugby, the cooled waters of your Hot Spring could offer the cold therapy you need.

The best spa pools are those that reflect the needs and wants of their owner. With our complete suite of hot tub accessories and enhancements, you can ensure your spa is capable of delivering the exact experience you’re after, which in turn ensures you get maximum value and pleasure from your investment.

Ready to up your spa pool game? Get in touch today!

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