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New Zealand’s top 10 hot pools | HotSpring Spas

New Zealand’s top 10 hot pools

New Zealand is a geologically active country. While this brings its risks, most notably in our extensive list of volcanoes, it also brings its rewards. Case in point: the warm, bubbling, mineral-rich waters of hot pools.

New Zealand’s hot pools are some of the world’s best. There are Rotorua’s Kerosene Creek and the famous Polynesian Spa. There’s the stunning ‘Lost Spring’ and the unique Hot Water Beach on the Coromandel. There are the incredible Onsen and Franz Josef Glacier Hot Pools on the South Island.

Let’s take a look at what hot pools are, why we like them, and where you might find New Zealand’s best.

What are hot pools?

A hot pool, otherwise known as a geothermal or hydrothermal spring, is a body of surface water that has been warmed by the internal heat of the earth. This heat can come from shallow molten rock, or by circulating through faults that lead the water deep into the earth’s crust.

The interaction with the earth means that hot pools are often rich in minerals: sulphur, chloride, iron, silica and more. Hot pools can also be heated to varying degrees: from lukewarm to dangerously scalding.


Why are hot pools so enjoyable?

New Zealand’s hot pools have been enjoyed by Māori for hundreds of years. The Greeks, Romans and other ancient civilisations have also recognised the healing powers of geothermal waters – powers which have since been proven by modern science.

The waters of a hot pool have been shown to ease persistent skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema, improve circulation and heart function, ease chronic pain and promote general happiness.

The top 10 hot pools in New Zealand

Where should you aim for some hot and steamy action in New Zealand? Here, in no particular order, are 10 of the very best geothermal springs in the country.

1. Polynesian Spa, Rotorua

In the late-1800s Rotorua became the birthplace of NZ’s geothermal tourism industry. All these years later and the town, and more specifically the Polynesian Spa, remains perhaps the most famous hot pool spot in the land. Almost 30 pools, filled up by two separate natural springs, are yours to enjoy.

Nearest Hot Spring dealer: The Spa Shop Rotorua

2. Hot Water Beach, Coromandel

Ever wanted to make your own hot pool? At Hot Water Beach on the Coromandel Peninsula you can do exactly that! There’s no entry fee here: you’ll just need to source a shovel and get digging. As you do you’ll feel warm water rise up from the sand – so warm, in fact, that you might need to fetch some sea water to cool it down!

Nearest Hot Spring dealer: Hot Spring Superstore Botany

3. Kerosene Creek, Rotorua

Don’t let the name fool you – Kerosene Creek is an idyllic place to bathe. A two-metre waterfall of fresh water comes from above, a steady stream of warm H2O comes from geothermal activity below, and the two mix together to create the perfect temperature in an even more perfect setting.

Nearest Hot Spring dealer: The Spa Shop Rotorua

4. Hanmer Springs, Canterbury

The perfectly cute and quaint town of Hanmer Springs, about two hours north of Christchurch, is home to a succession of five geothermally-heated pools, joined together by a gloriously warm and mineral-rich waterfall. This spa complex is more resort than national park, which means you get to enjoy comfortable underwater seating.

Nearest Hot Spring dealer: Wright Hot Spring Spas – Ferrymead

5. Onsen Hot Pools, Queenstown

Welcome to hot pools that enjoy some of the most stunning views in the world. Onsen know what they’ve got, and they work to make the most of it. Water is pumped into cedar tubs from the mountainside, where it sits at a perfectly toasty 38.5C. Each tub is private, built for 1-4 people, and enjoys an incredible panoramic view of the nearby Shotover River.

Nearest Hot Spring dealer: Hot Spring Spas – Dunedin

6. The Lost Spring, Whitianga

The Lost Spring is as close as any of us will probably get to soaking in a fairy tale. Found a stone’s throw from the beach on the Coromandel Peninsula, this day spa is a sight to behold. The largest pool features an amethyst cave full of stalactites and 16,000-year-old mineral water that you can swim right through.

Nearest Hot Spring dealer: Hot Spring Superstore Hamilton

7. Spa Thermal Park, Tauhara

On the outskirts of Taupo, on the final turns of the Waikato River, you’ll find the stunning Spa Thermal Park. It’s home to the famous Otumuheke Stream hot pools, which are joined together by small waterfalls. In the winter brave souls make the invigorating transition between the icy waters of the Waikato to the warmth of the pools. And the best bit? It’s 100% free!

Nearest Hot Spring dealer: Taupo Poolworld

8. Te Aroha Mineral Spas, Te Aroha

Now over a century old, Te Aroha Mineral Spas was one of the first geothermal bathhouses to be established in New Zealand. This is a private, indoor experience, where warm mineral waters, which flow straight from a nearby geyser, are enjoyed from the comfort of a timber tub.

Nearest Hot Spring dealer: Ford Hot Spring Spas Tauranga

9. Franz Josef Glacier Hot Pools

Heading to the wild and rugged west? Found on the other side of the Southern Alps, the Franz Josef Glacier draws many a tourist in. But this immense cascade of ice isn’t the only reason to check out this part of the world – there’s warmth to be found too. The Glacier Hot Pools, aptly named for sure, are found in the small township of Franz Josef/Waiau and are the perfect way to end a glacial day.

Nearest Hot Spring dealer: Jeff Evans

10. Wairakei Terraces, Wairakei

We’re afraid that words don’t do the gorgeousness of Wairakei justice. Famed for its silica-rich waters, here you’ll find hot pools in terraced form, like the most inviting rice paddies you’ll ever see. Despite being a quick seven-minute drive from the centre of Taupo, you’ll feel as though you’re on another planet – and a luxurious one at that!

Nearest Hot Spring dealer: Taupo Poolworld

11. Your backyard?

What’s better than travelling to a stunning hot pool? Having one in your own backyard! Hot Spring spa pools have been designed from the ground up to offer a hot pool-style soaking experience, only better.

Between powerful hydromassage jets, contoured seating, entertainment options, beautiful design, and water that is perfectly warm, soft and fresh, a Hot Spring spa pool delivers a soak that has to be experienced to be believed. Our backyard spa pools also deliver an extensive range of health and wellness benefits, and put them just steps from your back door.

Ready to experience the Hot Spring difference? Contact your local dealer today!


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