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A Hot Spring® Spa: The best thing Dallas ever did | HotSpring Spas

A Hot Spring® Spa: The best thing Dallas ever did

Hard-working and active, Dallas Wearing and her husband had always wanted a spa – a place to connect, to relax, to soak off the aches and pains of work and sport. 25 years ago, they found everything they wanted in a Sovereign™ spa from Hot Spring Spas.

Watch Dallas' Hot Spring story below:


Finding real relaxation in her Hot Spring Sovereign™

Dallas had a 23-year career as a DJ, spending hours standing at gigs. That took a lot of energy out of her, and she would come home shattered. She’s also very active, enjoying fishing, paddleboarding, kayaking and swimming.

To unwind, she climbs into her four-person Sovereign spa, sits back, and completely relaxes. That’s just one reason Dallas says the spa was, “The best thing she ever bought.”

“After all those hours, you sit in the spa, and it relaxes you totally. It helps you with sleeping too.”


Family time, couple time, spa time

According to Dallas, the spa is a great way to bring couples and families together. Her grandchildren love to climb into her spa and she loves spending time with them there.

The spa is also the place where she and her husband really connect. They’re both very busy people but when Dallas’ husband gets home from work, relaxing together in the spa helps make sure they really communicate. She says, “It’s better than just sitting in front of the TV. It’s even better than a date out at a restaurant, where many people just end up looking at their cellphones.”

“I’m guilty of it myself. But when you sit in the spa you’ve got to talk to each other!”

Rain or shine, she and her husband find time to be together in their spa.

“If it’s raining, I get the husband to hold the umbrella – that’s him being romantic!”


The Hot Spring Spa difference

Dallas and her husband have had a Hot Spring Spa for almost a quarter of a century.

Back in 1994, when they sold their house and bought another one, they found they had around $10K left over. It was a lot of money in those days, and they discussed how they might best spend it. It didn’t take long to decide: with their active lifestyles and busy workloads, they’d always wanted a jacuzzi spa to help them unwind at the end of a tiring day.

Their search for just the perfect spa brought them to Hot Spring Spas, where they found exactly what they were looking for – a choice of quality spas that included important safety and efficiency features, like strong, weather-resistant covers.


24 years, and the spa was still going strong

Dallas explains that choosing a quality spa rather than going for the cheapest option has saved her money in the long run.

Because of its high-quality insulation and close-fitting cover, keeping their Hot Spring Spa heated day and night has been surprisingly cost-effective – and it’s ready for them whenever they need a soak.


“We hardly noticed a difference in our power bills.”

Even now, although they’ve decided to upgrade to a six-person Sovereign, she insists there’s nothing wrong with the old one.

“We’re building a new house, and we thought yep, it’s time for a new spa!”

Now, Dallas and her family are looking forward to another quarter century of relaxation and connection with their new Hot Spring® Spa. 

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