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Hot Spring Spa Delights Pt. Chev's Santoro Family | HotSpring Spas

Hot Spring Spa Delights Pt. Chev's Santoro Family

“The kids often invite their friends over and often, I've seen as many as 10 kids in the spa. They love it - they’ll stay in all day!”

Erin Santoro of Pt Chevalier wanted a spa pool big enough to hold her family of four. After visiting a Home Show, they settled on the Hot Spring Spa Propel model.

“We liked that you could lie down in it and relax in the recliner,” says Erin. “It’s got lights, too!”

The spa is in use all year round, and the Santoros have since installed a swimming pool as well.

“It’s an excellent lifestyle option,” Erin says. “I just blow the whistle and the whole neighbourhood comes running.”


Quality - the reason behind choosing a Hot Spring spa

Erin knew that Hot Spring spas were at the quality end of the market, which was a significant factor in the family’s final choice.

“We have not had one issue.”

“I know there are cheaper ones out there, but you don’t know where they’re made, whether the company selling them has been around very long, and if something goes wrong in a year or two, whether they’d be available to fix them under warranty.




Excellent service and high energy efficiency

“With Hot Springs being a New Zealand company, we have not had one issue with the spa. Right from the time we bought it till it was installed, we got all the rundown. The service was amazing.”

Erin is delighted with Hot Spring’s after-sales service, too.

“My husband will just text and say we need some cleaning products and they arrive the next day. We’ve had no maintenance issues at all. The spa is easy to clean and the instructions for the chemicals are simple to understand. As for the power bill – I’ve never noticed a difference.

“It’s brilliant and I’m so glad I bought a really good quality spa.”

Check out our high quality family spas and you can have as much fun as the Santoro family.


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