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7 Ways Technology Has Simplified Spa Pool Maintenance | HotSpring Spas

7 Ways Technology Has Simplified Spa Pool Maintenance

You may not know it as a modern spa owner, but spa pool maintenance is easier than ever. The amount of chemicals required to keep a spa pool clean has dropped precipitously over the years.

Consider these facts:

  • Today’s spa pools use just 10-20% of the chlorine that a similar model did in 1997.
  • Today's spa pool cabinetry has traded high maintenance timber for low- to no-maintenance, weather-resistant vinyl.
  • Today's advanced spa pool filters can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

With our modern world so full of time pressures, spa pool ownership should be the relaxing experience it is known as, not just another job to do, or piece of machinery to clean and maintain.

At Hot Spring we make spa pools that maximise fun and relaxation while minimising upkeep.



Here are seven ways we use technology to make it easy to maintain and enjoy a Hot Spring spa:

1. pH balancing made easy

While the term ‘pH balancing’ might sound complex and intimidating, with a Hot Spring spa pool it couldn’t be easier! Our combination of quick, visual instructions and intuitive, on-the-spot measurements make pH balancing a breeze. Instructions on how to balance pH with the FreshWater® Salt System can be found in our Owner's Guide.

2. Simple spa pool sanitisation

The FreshWater® Salt System, now an optional add-on for all Highlife® and Limelight® spas, takes the guesswork and hassle out of water care. This easy-to-use salt water system eliminates the worry of keeping spa water clean, clear and sanitised for up to a year. All you need to do is add just a little salt to your spa, and the system will automatically generate chlorine. The result? Clean and crystal clear water while using minimal chemicals, which means you spend less time mucking around with substances and testing strips, and more time soaking!

3. Remote, push-button, real-time spa pool monitoring

In 2014, Watkins Wellness™, the manufacturer of Hot Spring Spas, introduced Connextion™, a wireless communication system between dealer, owner and spa that operates via a globally-connected app. For any owner connected to computers and phones throughout the day, keeping the spa clean and warm is a matter of a few clicks or taps. A spa that tells you when it needs attention… perhaps your partner has the same feature!

4. Spa pool filter innovations to minimise maintenance

While the standard paper filter still does a serviceable job for many spa pool owners, at Hot Spring we have created an updated alternative: the Tri-X® Ceramic Cartridge.

This filter's unique design and ceramic material allows twice the water to be filtered every minute, while also increasing longevity - some owners get up to six years of use from their Tri-X filters. As an added convenience, the Tri-X can be cleaned in the dishwasher (without soap.)

5. Spa pool water care YouTube video instructions

Our network of authorised dealers are ready to help you with any spa maintenance questions you might have. And as a follow-up to what you learn in-person, or as an on-demand source of spa ownership tips and tricks, our YouTube channel offers an extraordinary amount of information on how to get the most out of your investment.

The channel includes dozens of how-to videos that cover any and every aspect of spa pool ownership: finding the right tub, installation, water care, repair and maintenance, hydrotherapy and more.

6. Wipe-clean spa cabinets and shells

You want a spa pool that doesn’t just feel great but looks great; as such the best spa pools are those that are super easy to clean. Hot Spring spa pools feature cabinets made from synthetic materials that require only a light dust, spray and wipe – the same treatment that you generally give the rest of your patio furniture. No staining or weatherproofing required; these cabinets resist moisture, chemicals and sunlight far better than the wood of spa cabinets past.

Inner shells have also come a long way. Our rigid polymer and advanced, non-porous, ABS-backed acrylic spa pool shells are impervious to dirt and germs. To clean, simply wipe down your spa pool during the twice-a-year water exchange. If you see calcium build up, Hot Spring Stain and Scale Defence can take care of it!

7. Ultra energy-efficient spa pools

In a broad sense, spa pools are becoming increasingly energy efficient, but at Hot Spring we’re leading this charge. We have developed pumps that use less energy than a 40-watt light bulb, we use the same insulation found in industrial freezers, and we offer spa pool covers that lock tight, keeping the luxurious water warmer for longer. In fact, most Hot Spring spas add between $28 to $50 per month to the owner's electricity bill.

Check out this guide to learn more about the best ways to increase energy efficiency and reduce the cost of running your spa pool.


Technology and scientific advances make spa pools the low-maintenance staycation of choice!

To operate at their best, today's spas require minimal maintenance from their owners. You’ll only need to invest:

  • 10 minutes per week on the more regular, minor jobs.
  • 20 minutes once a month on water care.
  • Maybe 30 minutes every 90 days on slightly less common maintenance tasks.
  • Every 6-12 months you’ll need to drain and refill your spa, before rebalancing and reheating the water.

The return for this small investment of time? A ready-made staycation found literal steps from your back door. All in all, modern spas offer incredible levels of relaxation, wellness and luxury, while requiring far less maintenance than you might otherwise assume.

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