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How can I enjoy family time in a swim spa?

School holidays are back and the water’s boiling! Get in for some endless family fun.

What’s better? A swimming pool or a spa pool? Ocean or river? While the country is divided about what constitutes swimmable waters, we reckon you can have the best of all worlds right home in your own backyard.

Last month, media and social media alike lit up with commentaries on the quality of New Zealand’s waterways. The government weakened the threshold for what qualifies as ‘swimmable’ to enable a 90% of our rivers meet the new standard by 2040.

Townies blamed farmers and farmers called the townies to task. People argued swimmable wasn’t good enough, drinkable should be the standard. Feelings ran hot on every side of the political divide. Bottom line… not all of our beaches and riverways are safe for swimming and it’s going to stay that way.

Water and especially potable water is at a premium, worldwide. And we happen to live in a part of the world where we enjoy a ready supply of clean, fresh water – straight from the tap. We also happen to live in a part of the world where swimming confidence is essential when we do choose to venture into our waterways.

And that’s exactly why having your own pool is no longer the luxury you can’t afford. It’s never been more achievable than with our range of Endless Pools® Fitness Systems and let us tell you why.

1. Water confidence and safety

water confidence children endless fitness 612x250

Swimming lessons are great and if we’re honest, they often come at a huge cost in terms of time and money. Endless Pools Fitness Systems are deeper than your stroke which is an ideal depth for kids and adults alike to learn to swim and gain real water confidence. Never being far from the edge means tears and tantrums are a thing of the past. And our constant flow means never-ending fun for those who want it.

2. No more turning blue

stay warm endless fitness 612x250
Kids’ tolerance for cold is notoriously poor. We’ve all been there when one moment they don’t want to get out of the water, and the next their lips are blue and their little bodies are shivering under a layer of sun-warmed towels. Endless Pools Fitness Systems are heated to the temperature of your choice and are incredibly efficient (especially compared to the running costs of an in-ground pool).

3. No crowds and no wandering off

no crowds endless fitness 612x250
With an Endless Pool, you know exactly where everybody is, there’s no chance of a rip or hole to catch anyone out. Our pools are surprisingly spacious – plenty of room for all your friends as well as Nan and Pops. Even better, built in seating means everyone has a place to sit and rest when the fun takes its toll on energy levels.

4. No need for the gym

no need gym endless fitness 612x250
Forget trying to find time for the gym or worse, spending that money for a place you barely use. Endless Pools Fitness Systems double as a whole fitness room. Swimming of course is one of the best possible exercises (see why here) but in our fitness system there’s room for an underwater treadmill, rowing extensions or even water aerobics. Huge fun and all in your own backyard.

5. Aqua therapy built in

built in aqua therapy endless fitness 612x250
Life’s stresses get to all of us. Endless Pools Fitness Systems double as your hydrotherapy-equipped spa. You choose your temperature and pace of your jets for an endless massage to round out your day. The kids will love it, and so will your friends. With plenty of space for everyone, it’s an ideal solution for the ultimate in relaxation.

6. Family time that’s fun

family time fun endless fitness 612x250
Endless Pools Fitness Systems are fit for the whole family with an ideal solution for you. Families that play together, stay together and these pools are ideal for every kind of family entertainment.

Whether you want to just soak and float or are looking for some hard-core fitness training – it will work for you. And it’s the perfect reason to have everyone’s mates round at yours, where you can be involved in the fun.


Endless Pools Fitness Systems come in a range of styles with all the accessories you could need. Stylish, cost-effective and practical – you’ll find endless reasons to be in the pool sharing the good times with the ones who matter most. Check out our selection or contact your local dealer for a test swim.

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