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What’s your one thing that'll give you a lifetime of wellness?

If you could have one thing that would help keep you well over your lifetime, what would that be? By wellness, we mean mind, body and spirit… and we reckon it’s not a new car.

Living in our part of the world, we’re surrounded in natural wonders – fantastic places to see and an array of activities to enjoy. Life-expectancy is increasing year after year and the opportunities to live, play and work are endlessly extending in our modern world. As a result, we’re all looking at ways to maintain and improve wellness for ourselves and our loved ones.

Living healthy, living well

We’ve all heard about superfoods and various diets that are ‘life-changing’. We know that regular activity is the one of the most important elements in living healthily and well. We understand that our bodies need support to work optimally over time and we know that injury prevention and effective rehabilitation contribute to our physical capabilities over time.

What’s interesting about the question, “what’s your one thing to give you a lifetime of wellness?” is that different people have a huge range of different answers. For some it’s the idea of true love.

For others, it’s about financial success. For yet others, it’s about amazing experiences. Some want physical freedom, some want peace of mind.

What if what we offered helped you achieve all those goals?

“Endless Pool® Fitness Systems are a modern silver bullet”

Deeper than romance

The romance of an inviting spa pool is a given. But love is more than any single romantic experience. True love is about wanting the best for your partner and for yourself, and to hope for a long and happy life together.

There’s no doubt that soaking in an Endless Pool Fitness System can be an extraordinarily romantic experience. More importantly, the therapeutic qualities of water-based exercises will keep you and your loved ones at your life-enabling peak over time.

romantic experience endless fitness 612x250

Caption: Soaking in an Endless Pool can be an extraordinarily romantic experience.

Imagine jets that soothe your aches and pains or the joys of a swim current that means you can swim virtually forever? Imagine the benefits to balance, flexibility, strength and endurance that regular aquatic exercise can bring? That’s a recipe for love that’s long-lasting in more ways than one.

One pool, many benefits

Financial success may not guarantee a happy life but it helps. So does an Endless Pool Fitness System. For a one-off cost and low running costs, you have convenient, private access to a very powerful tool. The health benefits of aqua therapy, swimming and resistance training are widely known. The effects of stress, particularly for highly driven, ambitious individuals are also widely known.

Imagine that instead of years of gym fees, training equipment, rehab costs and stop-start health practices that aren’t always prioritised; you had a convenient, indulging solution in your own backyard – 24:7. You’d have the benefits of discipline, resistance training, regular exercise, regular relaxation and mindfulness to keep you sharper about your work and more successful in every way.

What’s one person’s amazing experience can be another’s personal nightmare but few would consider a hot pool anything but wonderful. An Endless Pools Fitness System swim spa is the ideal place to relax or hang out with friends and family. Not too big and not too small, you can set challenges for yourself alone or make it a group affair.

hang out friends endless fitness 612x250
Caption: Relax and hang out with friends – in an Endless Pool Fitness System, there’s room for everyone.

Imagine that BBQ with a huge hot pool at your reach? Imagine making a personal best time in that half marathon thanks to improved breathing from swimming and increased power from strength training in your pool. And just quietly, the heights of Victoria Falls will be easier to reach when you’ve had regular and rewarding exercise at home.

The power to heal

Physical freedom is a gift we don’t all share and we can lose it slowly, and quickly. Mind and body need support to work well. Injuries, illnesses and medical interventions can all reduce our mobility and capability to live as we prefer.

Water training in our fitness system supports a capable body that is injury (and illness) resistant. It is also an incredible rehabilitation tool for all kinds of conditions, acute and chronic. Faster, better recovery is a key to future happiness and wellbeing – oftentimes, we realise that too late.

Watch former Olympian Gideon Ariel’s journey to recovery from kidney failure here:

And peace of mind? The research on mindfulness the benefits of meditation is overwhelming. Swimming is one of the few activities that combines the endorphin high of running with the centering power of meditation. It is literally the best of both worlds, while reducing joint stress and providing all the health benefits of regular exercise (better sleep, increased alertness and yes, peace of mind).

So, we ask you… If there was one thing that could give you a lifetime of wellness – is there a thing better than Endless Pools Fitness Systems? Your space. Your pace. Wellness inducing happiness for now and long into the future.

Stylish, cost-effective and practical – you’ll find endless reasons to enjoy your fitness system over your lifetime.

Contact your local Endless Pools Fitness Systems Dealer today for a test swim.

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