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Can you train for competitive sports in an Endless Fitness swim spa?

Waikato swim champions review the E700

Train for competitive swimming, exercise after an injury, or just get a thorough work out – all without leaving your home, but don't just take our word for it, we've enlisted two Waikato-based swim champions to put the Endless Pools® Fitness System to the test and give us their swim spa review.

A swim spa designed for everyone

The Endless Pools Fitness Systems isn’t just for athletes – it features an underwater treadmill for low-impact running – ideal if you have an injury or ongoing pain. It also functions as a spa, with adjustable temperature, powerful hydrotherapy jets, and built-in speakers. Brought to you by the makers of Hot Spring® Spas and designed to replicate open water swimming in a relatively small space, it uses a powerful hydraulic propulsion system to create a smooth, adjustable current for natural, comfortable swimming. That’s why they’re so popular with professional swimmers.

This range of features means the Endless Pools Fitness Systems can be used by anyone – from professional athletes, to families, to older people looking for a low-impact workout. It’s a flexible, effective fitness system that fits into your home.

Real training conditions for real swimmers

The Endless Pools Fitness Systems is a popular training tool for competitive swimmers. Unlike many swim current generators, our pool is designed to create a comfortable and realistic swim experience. The custom-made hydraulic propulsion system redirects the water, creating a smooth surface and consistent current. The current is wider than your body and deeper than your swim stroke, and, most importantly, free from turbulence.

Dan Caldwell is a young, Cambridge-based swimmer. He has been swimming competitively for 12 years at national level, and hopes to make it to the Olympics in the future. Dan has tried a number of jet spas, but in his swim spa review finds the E700 Endless Pools Fitness System gives him the most realistic swimming experience.

“With a lot of the jetted swim spas, they push you everywhere, whereas with the Endless Pools Fitness System it’s kind of directly at you, you’re swimming in a straight line, it’s exactly like swimming in an actual pool.”

The current design means you’re able to swim naturally and comfortably, without adjusting your stroke. It’s also fully adjustable, so you can change the strength of the current to meet your training needs.

Hannah Blackwood has been a competitive swimmer for 7 years, competing in local and national championships. She loves the flexibility of the Endless Pools Fitness System in her E700 swim spa review: “The current – you can change it to any setting you like and work on heaps of different types of training intensity.”

For competitive swimmers and athletes, this can be incredibly valuable. It gives you the chance to train properly without leaving your home or dealing with other swimmers at a public pool.

High value, low impact exercise

Injuries, strains, and ongoing pain can make it difficult to work out, whether you’re a professional athlete or not. The problem is, without exercise, the affected muscles can take longer to heal, and your general fitness can decline, making it harder to get back into training when you recover. That’s where low-impact exercise and the Endless Pools Fitness System come in.

The swim spa offers a number of slower, gentler current settings for low-impact swimming, and a unique underwater treadmill (available as an option with the E-Series) for aqua jogging. Unlike running on pavement, where every step jolts your joints, underwater running is gentle on your body. The water cushions your joints and muscles, but also provides resistance so your training is effective. This makes it ideal for athletes and swimmers trying to rehabilitate after an injury, and for older people looking for a low-impact way to maintain their fitness.

Hannah Blackwood found the underwater treadmill very useful when she was injured during training. “I’m currently injured at the moment, so it’s a lot less impact. It’s definitely still a workout but I find it a lot easier to be able to run without the same amount of pain.”

Fitness and fun for the whole family

The Endless Pools Fitness System is ideal for athletes – but it’s flexible enough to work for almost anyone. Because the swim current is adjustable, it can be used by everyone in the family – from children learning to swim, to amateur swimmers, to older people looking for a gentle form of exercise. The underwater treadmill is the same – with adjustable settings, it’s a great way to get a low-impact workout without leaving the house.

Hannah Blackwood is enthusiastic about using the Endless Pools Fitness System as a unique and compact family pool: “It’s a great way for all members of the family to keep fit and improve their swimming technique. I think that because of the adjustable settings and the treadmill, it’s very versatile.”

But it’s not all about hard work – the Endless Pools Fitness Systems can be fun and relaxing too. When your workout is over and the swim current generator is turned off, it becomes a “cool-off” retreat, complete with adjustable temperature settings, hydrotherapy jets for post-exercise massage, all while listening to your favourite tunes.

High-tech systems for realistic swimming

The Endless Pools Fitness Systems’ unique jet propulsion technology lets you swim comfortably and realistically in a surprisingly small space.

Traditional swim-in-place systems simply tethered the swimmer to the side of the pool. Later, jets were introduced, but these often made the water choppy and turbulent, which made swimming more difficult. This meant they were more of a novelty, and weren’t very useful for athletic training. The Endless Pools Fitness Systems solves these problems with an effective design and powerful technology.

The Endless Pools Fitness Systems use a custom-made hydraulic propulsion system that generates a current of up to 19,000 litres of water per minute. The system is powered by a hydraulic power unit and incredibly efficient underwater motor that uses high-grade, biodegradable vegetable oil.

Conditioning grills on either side of the pool smooth and redirect the water, creating a smooth, straight swim current. The current is designed to be wider than your body and deeper than your swim stroke, so you can swim naturally. Using our water-resistant remote control, you can change the speed of the water during your training session. The flow speed ranges from 1.08 – 5.00 minutes per 100 metres, so it’s able to meet almost any swim pace.

From high-intensity swim training, to low-impact exercise, to sitting back and relaxing – the Endless Pools Fitness Systems offers endless options for competitive swimmers and athletes, fitness buffs, and families.

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