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What is SilentFlo circulation | HotSpring Spas

What is SilentFlo circulation

Spa pool experience is one of moving water. If the H2O stayed exactly where it was you’d have yourself a bath. But spa pool owners rarely stop to consider the importance of that movement or how it happens. As it turns out, the way that water moves around your machine can have a significant impact on your spa pool ownership experience.

At Hot Spring we move water around our spas in two ways. The first is the one that we’re all familiar with: by pumping water through the hydromassage jets. The second is a little more subtle, but can prove to be every bit as important: through the SilentFlo 5000 circulation system.

What does the SilentFlo system do, how does it work, and why is it important? Read on to find out all that and more.


What is SilentFlo circulation?

Most spa pools only move water when they are bubbling. You press the ‘on’ button, which activates the internal pumps, which push water through the hydromassage jets. You hear that familiar, loud groan as the machine slowly lurches to life, eventually working up to the point that the jets are spitting out strong and consistent streams of water.

The experience of turning on a Hot Spring spa pool fitted with the SilentFlo 5000 system can feel a little different. You don’t hear the growl of machinery waking from its slumber. You instead hear the pumps activate gradually and surprisingly quietly, as if the water was already moving before you turned the machine on.

And that’s because it was.

The SilentFlo 5000 is a proprietary circulation system designed to keep the water in your spa pool constantly moving. It doesn’t push a huge amount of H2O – just enough to keep the water continuously fresh and filtered, and to reduce the strain on the pumps and jets when you want to turn the unit on and enjoy a soak.

What are the benefits of SilentFlo 5000?

Why does continuous circulation matter? The SilentFlo 5000 system offers a wealth of benefits when compared to the standard pump-only systems found in other brands.

Lower noise

Many prospective spa pool owners assume that the low, humming vibration of a pump is just part and parcel of running a spa. This can make placement awkward – you don’t want to position your spa right next to a bedroom window, for example. But there are no such issues with the SilentFlo 5000.

Ours are the only pumps in Australasia that don’t vibrate and hum. This means that even though the circulation system is designed to run all day and all night, you’ll never hear it. Indeed, this is a primary reason why other brands don’t offer continuous circulation systems: they simply don’t have the necessary technology.

You can read, sleep and meditate right next to the SilentFlo 5000 as it runs, and enjoy perfect peace and tranquillity.

Less wear and tear

Turning on most spa pools can feel like turning the key of an old, diesel-powered car on a cold morning. The internal machinery slowly and loudly crunches and grinds to life, and can take some time to get humming. This can lead to breakdowns, as compromised parts, both in the pump and the rest of the machine, eventually fail under the strain.

Ideally the engine would always be warmed up and ready to go, which is exactly what the SilentFlo 5000 system does for the internal machinery of your spa pool. By keeping the water constantly moving it gives your pumps and jets the equivalent of a rolling start. Not only does this limit noise and vibration, over time it will also reduce wear and tear on your spa pool parts, extending their life.

And if you do eventually need a spare part, don’t fret: Hot Spring is the only New Zealand spa pool brand that guarantees the supply of spare parts for a minimum of 20 years!

Constant filtration

In order to remove impurities from your spa pool water it must be pushed through a filter. In short, your water can’t be filtered when it isn’t moving. And in most spas, the water only moves when the machine is in use. But this is not the case for SilentFlo 5000-fitted Hot Spring spa pools.

The SilentFlo 5000 forms a key part of the no-bypass filtration system found in our Highlife collection spa pools, which ensures 100% of your spa pool water is filtered 100% of the time. By constantly pulling water through our Tri-X filters, it ensures the H2O stays free from contaminants and debris. It will stay cleaner and fresher for longer, particularly if your machine also has Hot Spring’s FreshWater™ Salt system – the ultimate in automated spa pool water care.

Energy efficiency

Constantly moving hundreds of litres of water uses a lot of power, right? Wrong. The SilentFlo 5000 system is not only perfectly quiet, it’s also so efficient that it uses about the same amount of power as a 40-watt lightbulb!

The Hot Spring difference

Hot Spring spa pools have been trusted by Kiwis for over 40 years. Our reputation for quality and innovation is perfectly encapsulated by the SilentFlo 5000 circulation system, which enhances your spa pool ownership experience and helps to extend the life of our already long-lasting machines.

But why take our word for it? You can get a first-hand look at the perks of a SilentFlo 5000-fitted spa pool right now – simply get in touch with your local Hot Spring dealer today!

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