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When a very active family of six want to unwind | HotSpring Spas

When a very active family of six want to unwind

The Goodyer Family of Bucklands Beach have four teenage children – all of them heavily into sport, including netball, basketball, water polo and aerobics.

“We’re a very active family,” says Carmen Goodyer, “but our Limelight Pulse spa pool is just perfect for when we want to relax, unwind and enjoy family time.”

The Goodyers had wanted a spa for a long time – something that was big enough to fit the whole family. They also wanted a quality product that would last, and a visit to their local Hot Spring retailer revealed just what they were looking for.

The spa pool is generally in use at least five days a week, and Carmen is delighted with the advice and support offered by Hot Spring.

“They’re great,” she says. “They’re always available to resolve any problems we might have. The pool is energy-efficient and maintaining the water quality is a simple process.”

For more information on how a Hot Spring Spa can fit into your family’s busy lifestyle, please contact your local Hot Spring authorised dealer today.

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