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Best spa pool for seniors | HotSpring Spas

Best spa pool for seniors

Relaxing, soothing, fun; it’s little wonder that spa pools are popular amongst seniors, who can be blessed with more spare time to enjoy the warm and bubbling waters, and feel more benefit from them than most. Rather than asking themselves ‘should I get a spa pool?’, many seniors jump straight to ‘which spa pool should I get?

The best spa pool for seniors will depend on your unique needs, wants and situation. Savvy buyers tend to factor in a few key considerations: ease of access, hydromassage capabilities, size and seating, build quality, ease of maintenance and energy efficiency to name a few.

Let’s take a deep dive into these considerations, to understand the questions you should ask to identify the perfect spa pool for your home.

What size spa pool is best?

When shopping for a spa pool as a senior, some of the most important questions will revolve around size. You’ll need to ensure that it fits in your outdoor space, has enough room for you and whoever else you might invite in, and isn’t so large that entering and exiting the water becomes dangerous.



The perfect size spa pool will depend on four main factors:

Available space

Where do you plan to place your spa pool? The dimensions of your preferred spot can put hard limits on spa pool size, narrowing the available options. This may not be an issue if you own a spacious property, but it’s a key consideration if you plan to install your spa on a deck, a balcony or in a compact courtyard.


The reality of getting older is that you aren’t as nimble as you once were. Above-ground spa pools can vary in height – in the case of Hot Spring models, from 70cm to almost a metre – and the higher the walls, the more difficult entry and exit can be (although there are ways to remedy this situation – but more on that later).

Number and roominess of seats

What is the maximum number of people that you’d like your spa pool to be able to hold? To work that out, consider how many people are in your household and whether you plan to invite family and friends around for a soak. Hot Spring spa pools offer anywhere from two to seven seats, with our premium Limelight and Highlife models generally offering more room per seat.


What are you willing to spend on your spa? The larger the spa, the higher the upfront investment, and the more it will cost to fill, run and maintain. You may want a large spa, and you may have the necessary space, but those facts won’t matter if you are unable to afford it.

What makes a good spa pool for seniors?

What else should you consider when shopping for a spa pool as a senior, aside from size? Elements that should factor into your decision include:


As mentioned earlier, the larger the spa, the higher its walls, and the higher the walls, the less accessible the spa tends to be for those with limited mobility. Happily there are a couple of simple accessories that are designed to make entry and exit a breeze, no matter how big your spa might be. By adding a set of spa pool steps and a matching handrail, you’ll be able to easily jump in and out of even the largest Hot Spring spa pool!

Hydromassage jets

Soaking in the jet-fuelled waters of a spa pool doesn’t just feel good, it also brings a number of scientifically proven health and wellness benefits, particularly to the elderly and people with limited mobility. Few if any spa pool brands invest as much as Hot Spring in hydromassage jet technology, a fact that becomes obvious as soon as you immerse yourself in one of our machines. 

Build quality

As a retiree you (hopefully) have plenty of time to rest and relax in your new spa pool. You need a machine that will be up to the task of offering such regular soaks, and that will last as long as you need it to. Look for spa pools from reputable manufacturers, made from high quality materials, with good build quality, and with generous warranties. Hot Spring ticks each of these boxes, and as the only spa manufacturer to guarantee the supply of spare parts for 20 years, don’t be surprised if your machine lasts decades.

Energy efficiency

By choosing an energy efficient spa pool, you can significantly reduce the ongoing costs, spending your hard-earned money on other retirement fun, like travel and hobbies. At Hot Spring we create the most energy efficient spa pools on the market, with running costs as low as $1 a day!

Maintenance and upkeep

In retirement you should be able to say goodbye to work and hello to play – including in your spa pool ownership experience. While spas of the past could be laborious affairs, modern  machines feature automated technologies that greatly reduce maintenance and upkeep. Case in point: Hot Spring’s FreshWater Salt System, which uses simple cartridges to keep water clean, soft and fresh for up to a year.


Are swim spas good for seniors?

Taking weight off muscles and joints, and allowing for freer movement, hydrotherapy is a fantastic way for seniors to maintain their mobility and fitness. And with an Endless Pools swim spa, you can bring high-end hydrotherapy to your own backyard, while also enjoying all the rest and relaxation of a spa pool!



A swim spa is a surprisingly compact machine that generates its own current to offer a swim-in-place experience. But swimming is just one string to its bow: you can jog on the Underwater Treadmill, spin on the Aquabike, and get a full-body workout from the Water Rower and resistance bands. Workout complete, you can then recover in the jet-lined spa pool section found at one end of the machine.

No matter whether you invest in a spa pool or a swim spa, you’ll enjoy an incredible array of physical and mental benefits. There’s no more relaxing, more comfortable or more stylish way to enjoy your later years than in the soothing waters of your very own spa.

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