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What sort of backyard setup do I need to install a swim spa or Fitness System?

First, please ensure that you have the space in your backyard or indoor area for a swim spa installation before purchasing. The Endless Pools® Fitness System as well as the SwimCross™ Exercise System come in various models and sizes, allowing you to find the right one that best suit your needs.

The Endless Pools® Fitness Systems offer four models:
The SwimCross™ offers two models:
The RecSport™ offers offers two models:
  • R200: 336 x 226 cm
  • R500: 457 x 226 cm


Second, note down where you'll be installing your system. For example:

  1. Is the surface structurally sound? You will need a solid foundation to support a filled swim spa. If you are installing it on a deck, please make sure you check its maximum load capacity; for an elevated deck please consult a contractor or structural engineer before installation.
  2. Is the surface also level and even? To allow the system to operate properly and the internal plumbing to drain completely, please ensure that the system is on a level surface.
  3. Is there enough space around your swim spa for steps or decking? Available as an optional extra, steps allow for easy access to your swim spa.
  4. Do you have 220 - 240v / 32 AMPS of power available? This is the minimum requirement for running an Endless Pools Fitness System and all of its components. Please consult a licensed electrician.

If you're placing your system indoors, ensure your flooring materials can maintain a good grip when wet as water accumulation can occur around the system. It's essential to have proper floor drainage and plenty of ventilation to ensure airborne moisture is not affecting exposed wood and other materials around the area. 

We hope this information on swim spa installation has been useful. For more information, please contact your local authorised dealer that can provide experienced guidance to integrate your swim spa plans into your home. Properly installed, the Fitness System will provide durable and hassle-free benefits for years to come!

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