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How do I install a swim spa or fitness system and how long does it take?

When you purchase a new swim spa or Fitness System, your local dealer will provide you with a delivery guide that will outline each step in the installation process. It will also outline which parts you are responsible for and where and how your installer can assist. To achieve a successful swim spa installation with minimum delays, it will require both owner and dealer to work together. The process itself varies depending on how well the installation space is prepared for delivery.

Customer Responsibilities

Your authorised Hot Spring dealer will assist you with your swim spa installation. However, there are several steps that the customer needs to prepare before the delivery and installation of the swim spa can begin. It is imperative that you prepare the site where you'll want the swim spa installed.

Also keep in mind when preparing the location, to have a good understanding of how structurally sound the area is. You will need to choose an even surface that can withstand the filled weight of your swim spa (water and people included).  

When the swim spa is delivered, you may need to make room near the installation site as well and temporarily remove part of a gate or fence to clear the path for delivery. Ground preparation and electrical requirements must be fulfilled by the customer for the installation of their swim spa or Fitness System. Both must be performed by qualified and licensed professionals.

As your delivery date approach, stay in touch with your dealer and feel free to discuss any concerns or questions you have about the installation and timeline. Our goal is to have your swim spa installed quickly and accurately without compromising on safety or care. The sooner you can start benefiting from your new swim spa, the better.

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