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Spa Pool Dimensions

What is an average spa pool size? Spa pools can be measured in three main ways: footprint, volume or seat count. At Hot Spring our spa pools range from the two-seat, 2.18m², 450L Mini, to the seven-seat, 6.5m², 1900L Prism. The ‘average’ spa sits halfway between those numbers, like in the four-seat, 4m², 1175L Beam.

For those looking for even more room than the largest spa pools can offer, you might consider moving up to a swim spa. In terms of swim spa sizes, footprints vary:

  • Small swim spas: 8-10m²Small swim spas: 8-10m²
  • Medium swim spas: 10-12m²
  • Large swim spas: 12-14m² 



To assist with the professional design of your spa pool, we have provided spa specification renderings in both 3D PDF and CAD format. These files can assist you with the design and layout of your new spa pool. The PDF files can be automatically downloaded whilst the CAD files will require access to AutoCAD software for professional use by your architect, draftsman or builder. 

Do note all images are for reference only and users are notified to build via the actual spa specifications. Please note that manufacturing tolerances are not represented in the portable spa renderings. 


View Files Here

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