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Spa Automation in 2024 | HotSpring Spas

Spa Automation in 2024

The panic many feel about robots taking human jobs tends to ignore the fact that robots usually take the jobs no one wants: the low-value, boring, monotonous, thankless work that we’d really rather avoid.

In good news, robots look like they’re ready to take responsibility for the less glamorous part of spa pool ownership: maintenance and upkeep. In this guide we’ll look at how spa pool automation technologies are transforming the experience of owning a spa pool.

What you need to know about spa automation

Spa automation is the concept of creating automated systems that help with the maintenance and upkeep and enhance the soaking experience of a spa pool.

Spa automation isn’t a particularly new idea. Automatic temperature control was first implemented decades ago. You set your preferred temperature and the spa keeps it there automatically, turning the heater on when it senses that the water temperature is too low, and turning the heater off once it returns to the set temperature.

Trending spa automation in 2024

What spa automation are we expecting to see in 2024? Pool and spa automation technologies have gradually evolved over the years, and now touch on almost every aspect of the spa pool ownership experience. The latest and perhaps greatest of these new technologies is FreshWater® IQ: Hot Spring’s fully integrated spa monitoring system.

The FreshWater® IQ system is built on the idea that your spa pool should take care of you, not the other way around. This patented, first-in-world spa automation technology automatically tests your water hourly, and then provides clear recommendations if adjustments are ever needed, delivered via the built-in digital display.



Types of spa automation

Modern spa automation systems come in a variety of forms, from water care and general maintenance to soaking experience and entertainment. Examples of automation technologies include:

Cartridge-based water care

At Hot Spring we’ve crafted a number of water care systems that allow you to swap the rubber gloves, measuring cups and loose chemicals for automated water care cartridges. Simply click the cartridge in and adjust the settings via the built-in control panel, and the system will automatically dispense the appropriate amount of sanitiser.

Our cartridge-based systems include:

  • The bromine-based FROG™ cartridge system, found in our value-packed Hot Spot collection.
  • The FreshWater Salt System, which uses a clever titanium cartridge to convert salt to chlorine.
  • The FreshWater Ozone System, which uses corona discharge technology to automatically pull naturally sanitising ozone gas (O3) from the ambient air.

Temperature control

Automated spa pool temperature control has been around for a long time, but at Hot Spring we’ve continued to develop ever more clever ways to automatically control the temperature of your water. Take the CoolZone System, which turns your spa into a refreshing, 15C plunge pool that can deliver a cool soak on a hot summer’s day!

Moving hydromassage jets

Sure, you can tweak the position and set the pressure of the jets in a Hot Spring hot tub, but we’ve also added a bit of automation into the mix. The Moto-Massage DX is the latest iteration of the world’s first (and only) moving hydromassage jet – it automatically sweeps twin streams of water up and down your spine to deliver the ultimate spa pool massage experience.

Spa pool water monitoring

The latest and greatest in spa automation, the FreshWater® IQ System is a fully integrated water monitoring system that connects with the FreshWater™ Salt System to automate spa pool water care. With reliable readings of your water taken every hour, you’ll never have to touch a test strip again. And if FreshWater® IQ senses that an improvement can be made to your water, it will tell you exactly what to do.



FreshWater IQ: the ultimate in spa automation


Until recently water care was one of the few spa pool processes that had yet to be properly automated. Then FreshWater® IQ came along.

This automated, integrated, patented and first-in-world technology lets you say goodbye to test strips, and hello to serious savings in terms of money, time, and effort. Enjoy complete spa pool relaxation, safe in the knowledge that you’ll be alerted whenever you need to treat the water, and that you’ll be told exactly what to do and how to do it.

What will you do with the time you win back? Our recommendation: spend it soaking in the most luxurious water that you, your family and your friends will ever experience.

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