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Must-have swimming pool upgrades | HotSpring Spas

Must-have swimming pool upgrades

Owning a pool is great – but could it be even better? While a basic backyard pool is a great place to relax, to entertain and to have fun in the sun, a few clever swimming pool upgrades can seriously enhance the experience.

Swimming pool upgrades come in many shapes and sizes: they could be functional, like heating, cleaning and water care systems, they could be fun, like lights and speaker systems, or they could expand the capabilities of your pool, like fitness equipment and spa jet systems.

In this guide we’ll take a look at a few of the most popular options, from cheap and cheerful DIY pool upgrades to an investment in a professionally installed, high-end addition. And we’ll also look at another simpler and more cost-effective way to elevate your backyard swimming experience: with an Endless Pools swim spa.

6 of the best swimming pool upgrades

How can you enhance both the experience of owning and enjoying your pool? The following swimming pool upgrades are a great place to start.

1. Water care

Getting full value from your pool is all about keeping your water as inviting as possible. A filter and pool pump upgrade is a great place to start, as this combination will ensure dirt, debris and other invaders are removed from your H2O.

There are also systems that can automate the treatment of your water, releasing the right amount of chemicals at the right time to keep your water clean, clear, soft and fresh. Installing or retrofitting such a system can be an expensive exercise, however.

2. Heating

The more you use your pool, the more value you’ll get from it, which can make a heater upgrade more than worth the investment. If you live in a warmer climate, you may be able to get away with a cost-effective solution, but pool owners in cooler areas may need to make a more significant investment.

3.Energy efficiency

Heating a pool can be an energy-intensive task, so a solar-powered heater – whether one that uses panels to convert sunlight into electricity, or that heats the water directly in tubes exposed to the sun – can help you save a bit of money.

In order to keep that heat in, consider upgrading your pool’s insulation, both in the walls and the cover. Retrofitting insulation can be a particularly expensive job, however.

4. Fitness

If you use your pool for fitness as well as fun, some clever additions can turn it into a complete aquacise tool.

By adding a swim tether to your pool, you can swim all day without ever having to turn around. Even better, you could install a Fastlane Pro system, which generates a fully adjustable current for you to swim against!

5. Relaxation

Imagine nestling into an array of soothing hydromassage jets to warm up before a swim, cool down after a swim, or to simply relax at the end of a long day. By adding a spa pool section to your swimming pool, you can enjoy exactly that!

While the addition of a spa pool represents a significant investment, you’ll add an incredibly luxurious experience to your backyard, and one that pairs perfectly with your pool.

6. Entertainment

The pool is the hub of the backyard – the ideal place to entertain family and friends. You can turn the fun up to 11 with any number of entertainment upgrades.

The addition of a Bluetooth speaker system, or even an audiovisual system, can let you set the vibe. So too can underwater and exterior lighting systems, and the relaxing sights and sounds of water features.

An Endless Pools swim spa: the ultimate pool upgrade

While pool upgrades can seriously enhance the swimming experience, installing and retrofitting them to a pool can be a time-consuming and rather expensive task. But there is another way to get every single one of the features listed above, without having to spend big, or even having to lift a finger.

That’s because all of these upgrades have something in common: they are available as pre-installed features in an Endless Pools swim spa.

1. The latest and greatest water care

An Endless Pools swim spa is packed with high flow circulation pumps, easy clean filters and in the case of the E-Series, corona discharge technology, which generates ozone from the ambient air and uses it to naturally sanitise the water, greatly reducing your reliance on chemicals.

2. Perfectly toasty all year round

The combination of powerful heating systems and high-end insulation means that the water in your Endless Pools swim spa can be warmed to truly toasty spa pool temperatures, allowing you to enjoy a swim and a soak on even the chilliest mornings of the year.

3. Incredible energy efficiency

The high performance insulation found in the cabinet and cover of an Endless Pools swim spa is certified to California Energy Commission (CEC) standards: the world’s most demanding energy efficiency guidelines. This means that the incredible experience delivered by an Endless Pools swim spa won’t cost the earth – it’s a truly guilt-free (and low power bill) experience.

4. The ultimate aquacise machine

The headline act of our swim spas is the powerful propulsion system found within, which generates a wide, deep and fully adjustable current perfect for low impact yet high intensity exercise: swim, jog, row and more against water travelling at your preferred speed (up to an almost Olympic 1:14/100m). What’s more, a machine measuring just a metre long delivers an infinite, tumble turn-free swim!

5. Hydromassage to melt you

Every Endless Pools swim spa comes with soothing arrays of hydromassage jets, most of which are found within dedicated spa pool seating. Warm up before exercise, cool down after, or do nothing more than enjoy a soak, because swim spas are as good for relaxation as they are for a workout!

6. Set the mood to match the moment

A workout pump-up, a Friday party, post-work relaxation; whatever mood might suit the moment, an Endless Pools swim spa is ready to deliver, with adjustable interior lighting, multiple illuminated waterfalls, and an optional 8.1 speaker Bluetooth sound system.

Why attempt to upgrade your pool when you can get every feature and function you could ever want, all included in one of the most unique, versatile and luxurious swimming machines on the market?

An Endless Pools swim spa is also compact enough to fit in more backyards, efficient enough to be used every day, and cost-effective enough to pay itself back many times over through the enhanced lifestyle it delivers.

Eager to test this unique swim-in-place experience? Get in touch with your local Hot Spring and Endless Pools dealer today.

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