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How do you clean a spa pool? | HotSpring Spas

How do you clean a spa pool?

When it comes to spa pools, cleaning them correctly is absolutely vital if you want to continue enjoying them for a long time. The best way to clean a spa pool is to drain and use a wet cloth and FreshWater® Spa Shine to thoroughly clean the pool. 

The use of detergents and bleach is not recommended as its residue will cause spa water to foam. 

Cleaning your spa pool is essential, however, how frequently you clean your spa pool will depend on the product you purchase. 

Our ACE® Salt Water System only required owners to clean their cell every 90 days with minimal maintenance in between. This alone was better than the vast majority of NZ brands but our continuous innovation has developed the  FreshWater™ Salt System spa which will keep water naturally clean for up to a full year at a time, while only using as much chlorine as you’d find in tap water! 

Regardless of your decision, we’ll break down how to clean a spa pool, what products to use for cleaning a spa pool, and how to stay on top of maintenance.



Why do you need to clean your spa pool?

Swimming with dirt, algae and other not-so-nice things isn’t conducive for a pleasurable spa pool experience. As with any pool, foregoing regular cleaning can lead to a variety of issues.

A dirty spa pool can invite all sorts of microorganisms that aren’t visible to the naked eye, leading to serious consequences. 

Bacteria from spa pools can lead to eye infections, skin allergies, upset stomach and other health issues. Regular cleaning and maintenance ensure that your spa pool is safe to use and that you can enjoy it for years to come!

How to clean a spa pool

Cleaning a spa pool is easy, and you can maintain a cleaning schedule for it once you get the hang of it. We will walk you through how to clean a spa pool and what kind of equipment you’ll need for deep cleaning.

The first step for cleaning your spa pool? Start by draining it. It might seem like that will be more than enough to clean it, but unfortunately, that is not quite the case.

Draining the spa water helps get rid of some of the dirt that might have accumulated, but you’ll need a few extra steps. Your second step is to clean the surface of the spa pool before filling it up again. 

To properly get rid of dirt, grime and bacteria that might be sticking around in the spa water even after draining the spa pool, you’ll need to use a few different products.

You’ll need mild, non-abrasive cleaners for getting rid of grime. Try to use rags (not scrubbers) when cleaning, but again, take care that they are not abrasive as that may damage the surface of the spa pool. 

You can use specific spa care cleaning supplies for deep cleaning. You can use the FreshWater® Spa Shine product for cleaning, shining and polishing acrylic surfaces. To prevent rust and hard water stains, consider using acid-based cleaning products such as the FreshWater® Stain & Scale Defense.

For sanitising, spa pool chlorine can be used as a cleaning solution to kill any germs residing on spa surfaces. You can mix chlorine and warm water together around the drained spa pool, letting it rest for 10-15 minutes and then clean with a soft rag or scrubber. You can also rinse the spa surface with a garden hose after for additional cleaning.

Other considerations for how to clean a spa pool

Yes, cleaning the filters of the spa pool is just as important as cleaning the spa pool! Cleaning your spa pool isn’t just about maintaining the exterior pool, but also the spa pool water itself.

Sometimes, leaves, small pebbles, dirty water and even small bugs can make the filter less effective over time. The best way to prevent this? Get into a habit of keeping your spa pool filter clean, and checking on them on a weekly basis.

Similarly, drainage can also be an issue when it comes to maintaining spa water quality, and keeping your water balanced.

Keeping an eye on your drainage system and doing some form of cleaning periodically can help prevent your spa pools from getting dirty. We recommend you use Ahh-Some cleaner to remove surface grit, oils and other hard to remove substances but If you are not sure how to clean the drains yourself, you can always work with a cleaning service to do so.

If you are trying to reduce some of the upkeep around your spa pool, consider taking some proactive measures. For example, you can use a spa cover when it is not in use. This can help keep the water and the spa pool surface away from germs and dirt.

Keeping spa pools drained when not in use for long periods of time can help prevent water-borne bacteria and algae from collecting and damaging the water quality of the spa pool. See our guide on winterising your spa.

If you decide this method is best for your situation, please use a wet and dry vacuum to completely remove excess water stuck in pumps and below the filter compartment. 

While cleaning and maintenance spa water may seem like less than ideal tasks, making it a routine will help! Seeing your spa clean and ready to be used is always an incentive to make it a consistent habit. Even with some light cleaning every so often will help you see a big difference.

Even cleaning filters and the spa pool surface at set intervals, such as once a month or once in two months can go a long way.

Cleaning your spa pool is an absolute must, so definitely don’t skip it. Even if you don’t have specific cleaning products used for spa pools at home, you can still use general household items for basic cleaning.

To learn more about what spa pool is right for you, contact us today or visit a local dealer.


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