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How to choose the right spa pool filter system | HotSpring Spas

How to choose the right spa pool filter system

Filtering is the act of removing impurities to make something cleaner, purer and better. In a spa pool setting the medium is water, with the filter tasked with removing dirt, debris and other invaders that can make your H2O less clean, less clear and generally less inviting.

But what exactly do the best spa pool filter systems look like? In this guide we’ll be telling you all you need to know about filtration, so you can secure the best spa filters possible – the type that will keep your water looking and feeling stunning.

What are spa pool filter systems?

Spa pool filter systems feed spa pool water through filters designed to catch the things that aren’t meant to be there. Filters deal with particulates down to a certain size, while microscopic intruders like bacteria are removed by chlorine.

Particularly large invaders, meanwhile, like leaves, twigs and insects, should be caught before they make it to the filtration system. The best pre-filter for spa pools is generally a skimming weir, which is installed into the side of the shell and removes floating debris from the surface. These are common features in swimming pools, but less so in spas. Another form of pre-filter is one that attaches to the end of your garden hose, filtering the water as it enters your spa.

Spa pool filtration systems feature removable filters that are either disposable or cleanable. 


Why are spa pool filter systems important?

Spa pool filtration systems are important because clean, clear spa pool water is important. If you want to truly enjoy all the benefits that an investment in a spa pool can deliver, it needs to be kept in prime condition, ready for a soak at a moment’s notice. Filters play a key role in keeping your water enticing, by removing visible invaders that can make your soak less luxurious and enjoyable.

Spa pool filters also work in tandem with your water care and circulation systems to keep your water safe by filtering out organic materials that can harbour things like mould spores, algae, bacteria and fungi.

Types of spa pool filtration system

To identify the best spa pool filtration system we first need to understand our options. There are a surprisingly wide array of spa pool filter systems on the market, and some filter water far better than others. The five most common filter systems are:

100% no-bypass filtration

A system invented by Hot Spring four decades ago, 100% no-bypass filtration can be found in a single range of spa pools: the Hot Spring Highlife collection. Unlike every other spa on the market, all of the water in a Highlife machine is filtered 24/7/365. The reason? Other filtration systems bye-pass the filters when the jets are on. But in a Highlife, the filter keeps on filtering even while you enjoy a hydromassage.



This means that the longer you soak, the cleaner the water becomes, whereas in other spa pools, the longer you soak, the dirtier the water becomes (though it will be filtered when you finish your jet session.)

Constant filtration isn’t the only reason our system is the best on the market. Three high quality ceramic filters offer up to 5x the filtering surface area of a standard system, removing more debris quicker. And cleaning the filters couldn’t be easier – simply pop them in the dishwasher (minus the soap powder) three times a year. A lack of disposable filters also makes our 100% no-bypass filtration system better for the planet!

Ultimately this system delivers crystal clear water, 24 hours a day, with minimal maintenance, absolutely no sound, and ultra-low running costs. While only available on premium models, this is an investment that will pay itself back over time.

24 hour filtration

A slightly different filtration system can be found in the Hot Spring Limelight range of spa pools. The same constant operation, ceramic filters, low noise and low running costs remain – the only difference is that the water will bypass the filters when the jets are turned on.

As mentioned above, filtration will resume as soon as you turn the jets off, so your water will soon return back to being completely filtered. 

Two-speed pump (no-bypass)

A two-speed, no-bypass pump system sees both hydromassage and water circulation handled by the same pump, which switches between high power and low power depending on whether or not the jets are turned on. Filtration occurs when the pump is operating at low speed, not when the jets are being used.

Spas in our Hot Spot and Freeflow collections feature two-speed no bypass pump technology.

Two-speed pump (bypass)

The most common system on the market, this form of filtration features the same pump as above, but this time the pump bypasses the filters in both high speed and low speed mode. The power consumption is higher as longer low speed filtration is required.

One-speed separate pump

The cheapest option, a small one-speed centrifucal pump will circulate water at one speed only – these pumps are usually 250-350 watts so consume 8-9 times more power than the Highlife and Limelight range circulation system.

The Hot Spring difference

What’s the best spa pool filter brand? Simple: it’s Hot Spring.

At Hot Spring our aim is to deliver the most incredible soaking and spa pool ownership experience possible. Our investment in filtration technology is a reflection of this aim.

No matter which Hot Spring model you choose, from the entry-level Freeflow range to the top-of-the-line Highlife collection, you’ll secure a spa pool with a filter system designed to minimise maintenance and make your water cleaner, clearer, fresher and safer.

On top of the filtration tech listed above, all Hot Spring spa pools and Endless Pools swim spas feature skimmer weirs that remove larger debris that stop your filters from clogging.

Add in the fact that Hot Spring offer New Zealand’s most energy efficient spa pools, and there’s simply no wiser hot tub investment.

Ready to experience the Hot Spring difference? Visit your local dealer today.



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