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Common swimming pool building mistakes & how to avoid them | HotSpring Spas

Common swimming pool building mistakes & how to avoid them

So you’re considering undertaking a swimming pool construction in your backyard. It’s an exciting prospect, but one that brings an element of risk, as all large projects do.

In order to avoid potential issues you must first know the potential issues, which is why we have compiled this list of eight common pool building mistakes, and how you can sidestep becoming another victim of them.

What are the major pool mistakes to avoid? Let’s take a look.


Underestimating the project scope

The mistake

Swimming pool construction projects tend to be big, time consuming and quite costly. They can be stalled by any number of issues: wet weather, a lack of materials, excavation problems, council red tape. They will often take far longer than the homeowner, and even the pool builder, have budgeted for.

How to avoid it

Get a clear swimming pool installation timeframe from your pool builder before you lock the project in. Ask them to identify potential ways that the timeframe could blow out. Consider whether a simpler installation – fibreglass instead of concrete, above-ground instead of in-ground, an Endless Pools swim spa – might be worthwhile.

Miscalculating your budget

The mistake

Your pool project will be steered by your budget, but it’s important that you don’t simply pluck a number out of the air. Some prospective pool owners unfortunately do just that, then find themselves in a pickle when surprise and ongoing costs blow their budget out of the water.

How to avoid it

How much pool can you truly afford? Calculate the total that you’re willing to spend, and remember that this number will need to cover everything: engineering reports, earth stabilisation, council consent, excavation, installation, covers, pool fencing, landscaping, filtration/heating systems and more. Budget for ongoing maintenance costs too, from energy bills to water care.

Portable, self-contained Endless Pools swim spas are great for your budget, as they incur a fraction of the installation, fencing and maintenance costs.


Choosing the wrong contractor

The mistake

Some pool builders and installers are better than others. In all their excitement, many customers will go for the first pool builder who quotes them – and live to regret it.

How to avoid it

Do thorough research on your pool builder options. Read their reviews and testimonials. Speak with former customers. Always get quotes from at least three high quality contractors.

Opting for the cheapest option

The mistake

Armed with a handful of quotes, and with your budget fresh in your mind, the temptation will be to go for the cheapest option. But the cheapest is rarely (if ever) the best option, and doing so can lead to a variety of issues, from blown out timeframes to bad workmanship.

How to avoid it

Instead of choosing the cheapest option, go for the best value option. Ensure the contractor’s reviews are good, that they have the necessary expertise and that they use quality materials. Remember that a pool is an investment, and paying a little more now can save you a lot of money in the future.

Or you could choose an Endless Pools swim spa, and enjoy a suite of incredible features for less!

Overlooking local regulations

The mistake

There might be a temptation to shoot first and ask questions later for your pool build, but that approach can lead to some very expensive consequences: anything from fines to being asked to remove your new pool entirely.

How to avoid it

Always check what local laws and regulations you need to abide by before you begin your pool project. Get council permission for the project, and tick all the necessary boxes for safety, including fencing and gates (swim spas, as it happens, face far fewer rules). Always double check any builder advice with the relevant authorities.


Not reading the fine print

The mistake

You’ve signed the contract with the builder, but you treated it like a software update on your phone, scrolling straight to the bottom. In the process you missed a few potential issues, such as upfront payment and a lack of warranty.

How to avoid it

This one is simple: always read the fine print. If something looks questionable, such as a builder demanding payment before each step of the build, ask them to clarify and only sign if they have good reasons or are willing to change the wording of the contract.

If you want peace of mind, look no further than the extensive warranty of an Endless Pools swim spa.

Choosing the wrong location

The mistake

There are a number of potential pitfalls when choosing the right place for your pool. Volcanic, rocky or sloped ground, or the presence of underground utilities, will make excavation difficult. Placing it under a deciduous tree will see you deal with constant debris. Too close to a neighbour’s fence and the council could get involved.

How to avoid it

Get advice from a number of experts before settling on your spot – consult pool builders, landscapers and local authorities. Or choose an Endless Pool swim spa, which can be placed almost anywhere, without the need for excavation, and needs as little as 8m² of space!

Choosing form over function 

The mistake

You want a pool with wow factor. But have you considered the cost of choosing a trendy or artsy design? Infinity pools use more power and water than standard pools. Interesting shapes are harder to clean for robotic pool cleaners. Some looks aren’t as timeless as others.

How to avoid it

The ‘classic’ pool look is classic for a reason. Standard pools made in standard sizes and shapes out of standard materials tend to be cheaper to install and easier to maintain. If you’re eager to do something different, think carefully about the consequences of your choices. Or you could enjoy an overwhelming level of both form and function by choosing an Endless Pools swim spa.

An infinite pool without the issues

Endless Pools swim spas are the evolution of the backyard swimming pool. They offer an infinite, tumble turn-free swim, while also being the perfect place to relax and recharge, spend quality time with loved ones, and have weekend fun.

The best bit? You can install one faster, easier and often cheaper than a traditional pool. And backed by Hot Spring, you can be confident of enjoying your Endless Pools swim spa for years, even decades, to come.

Ready to experience the immersive swim-in-place experience? Get in touch with your local dealer today!

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