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Best time to buy a spa pool | HotSpring Spas

Best time to buy a spa pool

A spa pool may be a large and luxurious investment, but it is also one that can deliver a wealth of incredible returns: to your lifestyle, your relationships, your health and wellness, your social life and the value of your property.

Athletes and fitness fans know that a soak in a spa pool can be the ideal pre- and post-workout activity for muscle health. Sufferers of chronic conditions relating to the skin, the joints and general pain know that the warm soothing waters can ease symptoms and promote mobility. And everyone, whether couples, families or friends, can benefit from the device-free connections that can be made in a spa.

Maximising these benefits is about getting the best spa possible for your budget – you want to buy the right model at the right time.

But when exactly might that time be?

The best time to buy a spa? Whenever you can get the best deal

Many people get a stroke of inspiration to buy a spa pool in the dead of winter, when there’s no better thought than lowering yourself into those warm, bubbling, jet-fuelled waters. But a savvy buyer will know that finding the right spa at the best price can be a game of patience.

The simple fact is that there’s no better time of the year to buy a spa than when your preferred model is at its cheapest. Spa pool dealers can offer discounts at any time of year: summer, autumn, winter, spring, in the lead-up to Christmas or at a big event like Fieldays, so it’s wise to begin shopping as much as three months before you actually plan to buy your spa.

There are a few times of year that are traditionally slower for spa pool dealers. Once Christmas has passed and the heat of the Kiwi summer has taken hold, sales can tend to lag, so dealers often use discounts to get customers in. Come autumn many dealers will be looking to clear existing stock to make room for the new models that traditionally land in winter, so discounts are a common occurrence at this time of year too.

Savvy spa pool shoppers will also look for a deal on all the bells and whistles that can elevate their spa pool experience, which can be heavily discounted, or even thrown in for free, if you shop at the right time. Determining the best features and options can be a challenge if you haven’t shopped for a spa pool before, so it’s wise to head to a trusted spa pool dealership.

Most dealers also offer good financing rates year-round, perfect for shoppers who have found their perfect spa pool but may not have the cash on hand.



The best deal doesn’t mean the cheapest deal

While you might be tempted to turn to a private seller in an effort to find the best spa pool deal, it’s wise to think twice, as buying privately is fraught with risk:

  • You will need to transport and install the spa pool yourself.
  • You won’t enjoy a warranty, nor even a guarantee that the spa was properly maintained.
  • There’s no way to know the health of the spa – while the shell might look fine, the inner components could be damaged or worn out.
  • You won’t enjoy expert advice on features, placement, maintenance and more.

In the end, that great deal you were searching for might turn out quite the opposite, which is why visiting a dedicated spa dealer is highly recommended.

Spa pool dealers know their inventory inside and out. They are knowledgeable about the features and options available and will help you determine which model fits your needs best. You'll be able to get a feel for the best size, configuration, technologies and entertainment options.

Buying your spa from a dealer also means you’ll enjoy expert installation, an iron-clad warranty and the sort of service and support that will put your mind at ease and ensure you get full value from your spa for as long as you own it.


Do your research before you shop to focus your search

A little bit of research at the beginning of your spa pool shopping experience can save you a lot of time in the long run, and result in you getting the best deal. Take a moment to browse the different models and all the added features and accessories you could choose.

Develop a list of must-haves and nice-to-haves that you can take to the dealer in search of the best deal. These could include energy efficiency features, water care systems, entertainment options, lighting and water features, or functional additions like cover lifters, spa steps and handrails. There are a wealth of add-ons, each of which is built to enhance your spa pool ownership experience in its own unique way.

Begin your research by considering the most critical product specifications:

  • Size: You need a spa that is large enough to handle what you plan to throw at it. Perhaps you simply need a spa built for two. Maybe you have a family to fit in. You could be purchasing a spa for more social reasons, in which case the bigger the better!
  • Jets: Spa pool jets come in a range of different shapes and sizes built to soothe different areas of the body in different ways. If hydromassage is high on your agenda, work to identify the right jets for you, whether for relaxation, exercise recovery or the mitigation of chronic pain.
  • Pump(s): Spa pool pumps maintain the flow of water through the jets, playing an important role in spa pool hydrotherapy. You need to ensure that the pump or pumps in your chosen spa are up to the task.
  • Water care systems: Spa water requires treatment to remain clean, and the water care systems charged with this task can vary greatly. A chlorine water care system cleans the water effectively but can irritate eyes and skin. A salt system, meanwhile, can prove far gentler because it turns salt into chlorine, using a far smaller amount to sanitise your spa.

Next, consider your entertainment options:

  • Lighting: Spa pool lighting allows you to set the mood of your spa, both inside and out, while also adding to its safety. LED lighting systems add colour and ambiance that can range from peaceful to party.
  • Waterfalls and fountains: Lower yourself into your spa and melt away to the sights and sounds of ribbons, arcs and streams of H2O falling into the bubbling waters. Some water features are also backlit, making them a visually stunning addition.
  • Entertainment systems: A Bluetooth-enabled wireless audio system allows you to stream your favourite tunes right into your spa. Add a 22” HD wireless, HDMI-enabled monitor and you can watch your favourite shows or the big game while enjoying soothing hydromassage!

Finally, consider accessories that could enhance the experience:

  • Cover lifter: Your new spa pool will come with a cover that protects your spa from the elements and falling debris, though lifting it on and off can be a difficult chore. A spa pool cover lifter makes removing and replacing your bulky spa cover quick and easy, and can even provide an extra level of privacy.
  • Steps: Most spa pools stand a little under a metre tall, which can make them difficult to get into, particularly for children, the elderly or those with limited mobility. Purpose-built spa pool steps are weather-resistant, come in various styles, and can make getting in and out of a spa easier for everyone.
  • Handrail: A spa side handrail swings in and out of your spa pool and locks in place, making it easy to enter and exit the spa.
  • Spa side umbrella: If your spa pool will be exposed to direct sunlight much of the day, a large, high-quality umbrella can shield it and you from the sun's rays. It can also keep out rain, hail and snow!

Once you've narrowed down your favourite features and options, your local dealer will be able to answer any questions you have, show you the models that fit your needs and budget.

When making a large investment in a spa, you want the best deal possible, but you also want the assurance that comes from knowledgeable dealer staff, expert installation, and a warranty that won't leave you wondering. A professional spa pool dealer offers all that and more, so get in touch with yours today.

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