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A Holiday Destination in Your Own Garden | HotSpring Spas

A Holiday Destination in Your Own Garden

If you’re anything like most Kiwis, you look forward to those handful of weeks a year when you can take a break from it all and go on holiday.

But sometimes leaving home simply isn’t possible. Busy work and school schedules, health issues, family obligations, finances, border closures; when these hiccups occur, the best you can do is try to recreate the best bits of a holiday without actually going away. It’s time for a holiday at home: a staycation.

When we asked our team what they enjoyed most about travelling, answers included:

  • Feeling refreshed and revitalised
  • Spending time with loved ones
  • Socialising with friends
  • Reflecting on short- and long-term goals
  • Appreciating nature
  • Prioritising pleasure over work

It seemed to us that we could tick quite a few of these boxes without leaving home at all. With a little creativity and the help of a Hot Spring spa pool, wellness, happiness, and connection can be found just a few steps from your back door.


Not convinced? Let’s compare the wellness benefits of spa pool staycation against those of a traditional holiday.

Spa pool staycation
Traditional holiday
Consistent enjoyment Many Hot Spring customers make ‘spa time’ a part of their daily routine, and high-quality spa pools can last 20+ years with proper maintenance.   Up to four weeks annually (if you travel at every opportunity.) Memories can last a lifetime, although the experience itself is short.
Wellness Daily or weekly opportunities for a revitalising massage, meditation, connecting with family and friends leads to increased wellbeing.   Awesome for those handful of weeks, but over quickly.
Socialising  Consistent opportunity to invite family, friends and neighbours to connect.   A great time with family and friends, but the fun is short-lived. Out-of-pocket costs and logistics can be a hassle.

Connection to loved ones
It’s risky to bring electronic distractions into the spa. The calming sound fills silences, with soakers chatting at their leisure.   Good opportunity to connect in a stimulating new setting, provided family and friends focus on the experience, not distractions.

Dedicated relaxation
A spa pool can serve as your personal reset button, helping mental and physical tension melt away. And this revitalisation is in your own backyard!   Opportunities to recharge, but also pressure to experience the destination and do things.
Meditation / Daily "me" time Warm, jetted warm water helps you access the subconscious and reflect on your emotional and physical wellness. Daily meditation is proven to increase happiness.   A holiday can bring perspective to your home life, and the distance to re-evaluate goals and determine what matters. These resolutions can be lost on your return, however.
 Time in nature Tune into the beauty of nature from your own backyard. This awareness helps you feel part of a greater world, easing stress and enhancing happiness.   Visiting dramatic places, whether up and down Aotearoa or in some far-flung destination, can be life changing.


For an on-tap experience that leads to happiness, vitality and connection, hot tubs win over a holiday hands down!

Staycation at home

But how exactly does a Kiwi family create the ultimate staycation? Assuming your Hot Spring spa pool is already installed, here are a few staycation at home ideas that can help in forming a sense of escape:

  • Prepare your backyard: Before your spa pool staycation begins, ensure your backyard is looking holiday-worthy, by mowing, trimming and decorating.
    Scents for your senses: Recreate the scent of your favourite destination: the salt spray of the coast, the crispness of the mountains or the rich air of a rainforest retreat. Use scented candles, incense, essential oils and plants.
  • Added pampering: Bathrooms and bedrooms are often the highlights of a high-end hotel stay, so dress yours up: try a tray of miniature lotions, the fluffiest towels you can find, and a scattering of Ferrero Rochers!
  • Playing host: During the staycation have a different family member serve the others in the spa pool every day, laying out towels, bringing drinks, and playing music that reflects the location that you’re looking to recreate.
Family garden design ideas

You’ve got the Hot Spring spa pool, but what else can you do to create a backyard escape? Add a combination of the following staycation ideas to bring a bit of holiday fun to your own block:

  • Backyard games: Whether it’s a hit of cricket or a game of touch rugby; you don’t need an exotic beach or a national park to have fun in the sun!
  • A fire pit: Giving you a reason to stay outside after dark, even when it’s chilly, there’s nothing better than drying yourself off in front of an open fire.
  • Lanterns: Giving off subtle, gentle, beautiful light, there’s a reason why resorts often use lanterns to light up communal spaces.
  • Hammocks and seating: String up a hammock or buy some beach chairs or outdoor bean bags to instantly create the perfect spot to unwind.
  • Outdoor blankets: Turning your lawn into the perfect picnic spot, an outdoor blanket is a simple but incredibly effective addition to your staycation setup.
  • Camping at home: Are you more of a nature or adventure traveler? Why not spend some time under the local stars by setting up the tent and unfurling the sleeping bags in your own backyard?

At Hot Spring Spas we love to travel as much as you do. But we also know that it sometimes isn’t possible. Living by our motto “Every Day Made Better," we believe in making the perks of a holiday a part of your regular routine. And over our 40 year history we’ve proven ourselves to be industry leaders in spa pool quality, longevity, innovation and energy efficiency.

While you wait for your next holiday, your local Hot Spring spa pool dealer can help you establish your own backyard retreat, where wellness, comfort and connection are always available! Your local Hot Spring dealer will be happy to answer your questions and find your perfect Hot Spring spa pool, so why not contact them today?


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