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Compact Spa

Explore Hot Spring's range of compact spas

New Zealand’s most  established spa brand | HotSpring Spas
New Zealand’s most established spa brand
Only brand backed by independent laboratory testing | HotSpring Spas
Only brand backed by independent laboratory testing
Peace of mind guaranteed | HotSpring Spas
Peace of mind guaranteed

The Lowest Running Costs, Independently Tested and Proven

The cost of running a spa pool can be significant… unless you choose Hot Spring. We offer New Zealand’s most energy efficient spa pools, with running costs as little as $1 a day. This is a luxurious soak that won’t cost the earth.

How can such luxury come so cheap? Our insulation is carefully designed for maximum heat retention. Our covers are fully insulated and precisely engineered to form a perfect seal around the lip of your spa.

Then there’s our suite of technological innovations, from heat induction jets that recycle the warmth generated by the internal machinery, to our SilentFlo 5000 circulation system that keeps your water moving while using the same amount of power as a 40-watt light bulb.


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What should I look for when buying a compact spa?

Compact spa pools place all the luxury, relaxation, health and fun of a spa pool in a more space-conscious package. But that doesn’t mean you need to compromise. A compact spa can offer all the features, innovation and high-end soaking experience of a larger model, provided you buy from a quality brand, and have access to the service and support that you need. When buying a compact spa you should consider:

hot spring spas icons 2 size

How many seats do you need? Think of the maximum number of guests you’re likely to host at once.

hot spring spas icons 2 location

Where will you place your spa? Consider spa dimensions and shape, ease of delivery and installation, and access to utilities.

hot spring spas icons 2 objective v2

The spa you choose must reflect the ‘why’ behind your purchase: are you buying a machine for health, fun, relaxation, romance?

hot spring spas icons 2 quality

Investing in quality upfront can save you big in the long run, thanks to enhanced longevity, energy efficiency and soaking experience.

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Compact spas

Designed to be enjoyed by between one and three people at a time, compact spas are ideal for anyone short on space. The range of triangular, rectangular and square designs is able to be squeezed into a variety of tight spaces. Compact spas are also perfect for customers looking to enjoy a more intimate or solitary spa pool experience, for renters and for anyone working within a tighter budget.

Despite their size, Hot Spring’s compact spas are still jam packed with features. In fact you’ll often get all the functionality of a top end spa, but at a fraction of the price! This cost-effectiveness extends to running costs, with compact spas drawing less power (unlike larger units, a standard 10 amp/240V outlet will do) and requiring less maintenance.

All you need to do is fill, plug in and play!


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Compact spa dimensions

Wondering whether a compact spa will fit where you need it to? Hot Springs compact spas come in the following sizes

  • Mini (two-person, rectangle): 183cm (L) x 119cm (W) x 71cm (H)
  • TriStar (three-person, triangle): 178cm (L) x 178cm (W) x 98cm (H)
  • TX (two-person, triangle): 183cm (L) x 183cm (W) x 74cm (H)
  • SX (three-person, rectangle): 183cm (L) x 196cm (W) x 84cm (H)
  • Stride (three-person, rectangle): 213cm (L) x 165cm (W) x 74cm (H)
  • Endless Pools R200 RecSport: 3.7m (L) x 2.3m (W) x 1.27m (H)
  • The Original Endless Pool: Fully customisable modular construction.

 When measuring your area to find the perfect model, remember that you’ll need enough surrounding space for access and maintenance.

What to consider when buying a compact spa

When you’re short on space: With footprints starting at just 2.2 square metres, and water capacities starting at 450litres, compact spas can be installed where others can’t – courtyards, small patios, rooftops and balconies.

When you’re sharing with one or two others: Perhaps you want to relieve aches and pains. Perhaps you’re looking for intimate nights with your partner. There are many reasons why a compact spa could be more than enough.

When you are renting: No custom-built foundation, no fancy wiring, no excessive water or drainage needs; these ‘plug in and play’ machines require minimal manpower to install (and uninstall). Compact spas are perfect for renters.

When you are looking for a cost-effective option: Compact spas offer all the relaxation, hydrotherapy, fun and functionality of a larger spa, but at a lower price! 


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How much do compact spas cost?

In choosing a Hot Spring compact spa you not only secure a feature-packed unit at a lower price, but you also enjoy lower ongoing costs in terms of both electricity and maintenance.

The full foam insulation we use across all Hot Spring spas means that our compact spas can run on a standard 10 amp/240V power outlet. Maintenance is quick and easy and you’ll use less product in caring for your water.

Compact spa pricing starts at around $6000, and can go up to $15,000 depending on the spa model and features chosen. Click here for a quote or contact your local dealer to arrange a test swim!

Best compact spa placement

When you choose a compact Hot Spring spa you maximise your placement options. A 2 person outdoor spa pool, for example, can be placed in tight spaces like a courtyard, the unused corner of a deck, or even on an apartment balcony. A 2, 3 or 4 person indoor spa pool can be set up in an enclosed (but well ventilated) space like a sunroom. With a little bit of backyard excavation and landscaping, all compact models can also be turned into inground spa pools.

Wherever you choose to place your spa, you'll just need to ensure that it can be easily filled and drained, and that it has access to the power it needs to run. Many of our compact machines are Plug-N-Play, and can be powered by a standard outlet.

What are hot tub shells made from?

Hot tub shells have two main functions: to keep the water in and to keep the water warm. Shells come in a variety of materials, each with its own strengths and weaknesses:


Used in most swimming pools, vinyl’s cost-effectiveness makes it a cheaper choice for hot tubs too. It doesn’t retain heat well, nor is it particularly durable.

Rotomoulded plastic

This process sees plastic powder heated and spun in a mould. The result is lightweight, cost-effective and far more durable than vinyl.


The Rolls-Royce of hot tub plastics. Although you pay more for acrylic, you’ll enjoy a spa that is both beautiful and durable. However, it is important to note that not all acrylic hot tubs are created equal.


There’s no arguing that wood looks great, but you’ll pay for the looks with endless maintenance, both on the inside and the outside of the tub. 

Are compact spa pools high maintenance?

If anything a high-quality spa pool can prove a low maintenance purchase. The size of a compact machine helps, but innovative systems play an even bigger part in minimising upkeep:

freshwater salt spa 560x260 v2
Water care

As little as five minutes per week with the FreshWater™ Salt System

tri x filter 560x260 FillWzU2MCwyNjBd 2
Filter care

15 minutes per week, or even less with our dishwasher-safe Tri-X® filters.

filling draining spa pool 560x260 FillWzU2MCwyNjBd 2
Draining and refilling

As little as once every 12 months with our FreshWater™ Salt System.

Are compact spa pools good for your health?

Compact spa pools are ideal for soothing solo soaks. And according to science, spa pool sessions don’t simply feel good for you – they are good for you:

hot spring spas icons BLOOD CIRCULATION v4

Physiologically speaking, warm water triggers a response that sends more blood to the areas of your body that need it.

hot spring spas icons INFLAMMATION v2

Warm water immersion can soothe and loosen tight muscles and reduce inflammation.

hot spring spas icons BUOYANCY v6

The buoyancy takes weight off your joints, reducing wear and pain.

hot spring spas australia icon 6 relaxation
Mental Well-being

A compact spa pool can form an oasis from the hustle and bustle of modern life, relieving stress and tension.

"We purchased a Stride Hot Spring spa from Ford Spa Pools. What a fantastic company; great advice regarding which model would suit our needs, running costs explained, and what impressed me the most was the ease of delivery and set up. We were up and running the next day. Thanks Jason and Robert, we will definitely recommend you to friends and family."


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