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How do I choose the best swim spa or fitness system for me?

Consider the following when you are deciding on purchasing a swim spa:

1. Do you have enough space for a swim spa?

Ranging from 3.7 to 6 metres, the Endless Pools® Fitness Systems (E-Series) and SwimCross™ Exercise Systems (X-Series) come in different sizes. Please ensure that you have this space available in your backyard or inside your home.

2. How is your backyard set up?

We encourage you to note these backyard swim spa installation requirements found here

3. Have you swam against a propulsion system jets?

The E-Series features the original Endless Pools® Swim Machine, an industry-leading swim current generator that creates a laminar current of up to 19,000 litres per minute with speed ranges from 5 to 1 minute per 100 metres.

The X-Series features five swim jets that create a smooth current with no air introduction. The top jets provide resistance and the bottom jets provides lift allowing you to stay afloat easier.

We strongly encourage you to take a test swim before purchasing a swim spa or Fitness System. 

4. What are your fitness goals?

You can customise your Fitness System with exercise accessories, for example an underwater treadmill for a variety of low-impact workouts or swim tether to improve your form.


We hope with these questions, you are closer to understanding which model is right for you. Do remember to book your test swim at your local dealer.

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